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Merry Christmas!

So much going on here at the Elite… GE and PD are both quite active, we’ve been having some real good times in Chat, a couple special events are being planned for New Years, a major announcement is on the way, and on top of it all, rumor has it that there just might be a certain Ngamer surprise in the works.

But as exciting as all that is, I think we would all do well to set it aside for these next 24 hours, and just have a relaxing, enjoyable Christmas Day with our families. And so from all of us here at t-e.n, here’s wishing the very best to you and yours this holiday season. Merry Christmas to all!

Posted: December 24th, 2004
at 10:39pm by Ngamer

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Blogging for Apples

Still plenty going on in the PD world, where records have continued to fall like dominoes this month (check Nov’s POM if you haven’t yet, BTW), but I wanted to give special attention to something Come put into action last night, The Elite Blog at LiveJournal. It’s a community we’re setting up to get the web journals of any interested Eliters together in one place, so that you’ll always be able to find out how things are going in their lives with just a few clicks. If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, by all means check our topic for more info on how to get involved- it’s a really simple process, and should end up being pretty cool if we can get more than a few Eliters updating actively.

And then secondly, I’d like to keep everyone updated on the progress of fellow Eliter Matt “Zyos” Leto. As you may or may not recall, after playing both PD and GE back on ’01 he first moved on to some other N64 classics (still Champ of a few over at N64HS, in fact) before becoming a full time Halo-fanatic. The hard work paid off, as Matt not only became the world’s best Halo player in 2003, but is also hot off a defense of that Championship just this October at the World Cyber Games in San Fran (he took home a cool $20,000 in the process). But this weekend, Matt steps up to the biggest stage of them all… the Winter CPL in Dallas. This year’s new big-money solo FPS is Painkiller, to which Matt has made a very nice transition, currently sitting with a world ranking of 35th. That was enough to earn him a first round bye through today’s action, but he’ll have a real test tomorrow during his 1PM match against 31st ranked Fredrik “Aim” Edesater. If Matt can survive to the third round, he’ll be going head to head against… let’s see here…

Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel. Yes, as in, the three-time CPL champion and the most famous gamer on the planet. The one who had an MTV documentary made about him. That Fatal1ty. So, best of luck to Matt, all of us here at the Elite are pulling for him to take down this gaming giant over the weekend. Watch this spot for updates, OR you could follow along at dozens of sites like yourself, if you would like. Go get ’em Leto, and with that, this Ngamer is out!

Posted: December 16th, 2004
at 3:13pm by Ngamer

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Yes, the eagerly awaited 8th installment of Game Rage! is here, with images and the usual sarcastic commentary, to boot. Before you continue to the link, I’d just like to send out a special thank you to everyone that incessantly annoyed the shit out of me about this the last few months. Without you, none of this would be possible!!!!!11!!


Posted: December 13th, 2004
at 5:05pm by Derek

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Fake Chat #4

Well, with exams finally out of the way, I took some time and finally got the belated 4th installment of Elite fake chat series online! Even better, I went ahead and prepared part 5*, too, so whenever you guys are ready for that just let me know and I’ll release it :) In the meantime, dive into the current chapter, “The One”, which is a microcosm of Wouter’s controversial arrival here at the Elite. Hope you enjoy!

*Note: Part 5 is somewhat of a bonus segment. It concludes what I have written so far. It is doubtful that I’ll ever continue my facetious little chronology of the Elite, but I’m not ruling it out!

Posted: December 7th, 2004
at 3:12pm by Derek

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PD’s New Golden Age

OK, maybe “Golden Age” is pushing it just a bit… but rest assured, PD competition has really heated up over the past month, and is more active at the moment than we’ve seen nearly all year. There were no less than 21 WRs set in November, but even more impressively, they were spread out over 7 different players. Highlights were Bosshardt re-writing the Extraction record book, Cook snapping history’s 2nd oldest WR, YE changing the way we look at Rescue, and Trent giving us flashbacks to his meteoric GE rise. As always, check the POM topic for more info, or to leave your opinion on who deserves this month’s awards… it’ll be a tough decision.

With Christmas breaks about to set in, and the latest and greatest Aussie meeting already underway, I think it’s safe to say we can expect some big things out of December as well. Be sure to check back here in a couple days for an update on the POM situation, and maybe… a major announcement? We shall see; until then, Ngamer out.

Posted: December 6th, 2004
at 1:41am by Ngamer

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