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Licence to Thrill

…or License to Update Old Out-of-date Pages? Whatever the case, I’m back again, with lots of stuff for you gaming goliaths.

First and foremost, The Goldeneye LTK Ranks are updated, restyled, redesigned, and swankified! They are now fully automated, thanks to Your Eliteness. If you wish to control the file that holds your times, so you can update your own page, as done in the normal Elite ranks, be sure to contact me. Many thanks go out to Mike Gaydeski for assisting with the conversion to this system.

Some notes on the new ranks/update: Due to EZboard failure, many many times and posts in the old LTK topic were lost, hence there may be times missing from this update if they were posted there. Please repost your times in this topic or email/IM me if you notice any disparities. There may also be some errors due to typos from all the text file creating, so again, point those out to me if you catch them. The big mover of this update was Brandon Sanford, going from 5th to 2nd overall, nipping at the heels of LTK Champ Garrett Sellati, who managed to hold his top position through the strength of some incredible WRs.

Secondly, I updated the GE Fastest Vids page, to coincide with the release of Bryan Bosshardt’s new vids. All of Bryan’s new Goldeneye vids can be found here. Check them out! For history’s sake, I believe this is the first time that the Fastest Vids page has contained all 60 WR vids, for which we can thank Wouter and Bryan’s proving efforts. I also fixed all the small discrepencies about who got which time first, so that should all be right, for the available videos.

A final note, I added a link to The Elite Quote Database to the front page here, go register and vote on quotes if you haven’t yet! That’s all for me!

Posted: August 28th, 2005
at 12:34pm by Steve

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Activity Galore

What do you get when you cross Mr. Blonde’s Revenge with Bryan Bosshardt? An untied streak, of course. Okay, lame jokes aside, Bryan managed to get the fastest untied streak ever, in a span of just 14 hours. Rumor has it he also had time for a sleep in the middle of it. Also, thanks to everyone’s favorite historian (Ngamer), Bryan now has his own capture card. Yes, you hear it here first! Or maybe second or third. The point is, sooner or later he’ll be able to produce his own videos instantly for everyone to see.

Videos, you ask? Of course not, you speak grammatically correct English. The question being asked is “What’s happening with Bryan’s tapes?” Never fear, for Wouter is near. Sort of. Wouter has received Bryan’s tapes and has captured a few runs, but has his priorities set on his latest GE goal. Bryan’s runs should be online sooner or later, just have patience.

In other news, Matt (Jugador) has got his video online for his latest Infiltration SA record. This video deserves some sort of reward (or at least a mention in this news) for being the worst quality video ever – even though it’s the best that could be produced at the time. Black and white, switching 285 times between “full” screen and half screen, constant flickering, you name it. It’s all there, waiting to burn your eyes out when you try to watch it. A superb effort.

Oh, and I also snagged myself an untied a few days ago, being Pelagic II SA 1:47. Hooray for me.

Posted: August 26th, 2005
at 6:45am by Your Eliteness

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Hell Freezes Over

I, teh comeasaurus, have finally gone crazy.

The Goldeneye World Records Page is completely updated. All the pages involved with it, including Awards, are also current. It should all display properly in the browser you should be using, Firefox, as well. If it doesn’t, then it’s probably a page that nobody cares about except Wouter and Bryan.

Enjoy, kids, and in the words of my mentor and secret lover, “you stay classy, Elite.”

Posted: August 21st, 2005
at 12:26pm by Steve

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A Champ has been Made!

Dual Champ, that is! Just last weekend GoldenEye’s #1 player Bryan Bosshardt finally got his hands on a PAL system, giving him the opportunity to gain mass points and cut mass time on Perfect Dark by playing Deep Sea. He took that opportunity, and as a result is now champion at both games. This is such an insane feat that it’s only been done once before, by Randy Buikema. What makes Bosshardt’s feat even greater is that every single time will eventually have a video to go with it. That’s right, soon he’ll be the first ever fully proven dual champion. What an amazing guy. Congratulations Bryan, you deserve every bit of it.

Those who want to see how it all went down on the day can read all about it here. This zip file contains the complete chatlog, the new PD/GE rankings, and some statistic pages. Bryan also made a summary topic in both the Perfect Dark and GoldenEye forums, which are great reads too.

Congrats again, Bryan. May your life be full of PRs, amazing times and solid control sticks.

Posted: August 19th, 2005
at 9:49pm by Your Eliteness

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A Champ in the Making

Snap VS Ngamer

Clark VS Ngamer

Both great Championship matches, but they just might be outdone by the clash of the titans that The 2005 Summer Contest has produced. A difficult decision lies ahead… who will you support?

Matthijs VS Shade

The Championship of the Elite is at stake. Choose your destiny. And after you’ve done so, be sure to inform Im Ngamer of the decision!

Posted: August 3rd, 2005
at 12:06pm by Ngamer

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