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A New Contest!

No, not a big one, but one nonetheless. Some of you may recall Derek’s contest last year, involving the Iraq picture, where you could fill in funny stuff on the kid holding the sign, lots of funny stuff came from that. I got the idea a few months ago to make a “rotating” title on, as in, every time you refresh, you’ll get a randomly chosen title from a list of funny/cool titles that I was thinking of at the time. With some coding help from Your Eliteness and a few good titles from SamSim and Blueline Goddess in the chatroom, we’ve made that happen! Refresh a bunch and check out all the titles!

I’ll soon add more titles, and that’s where YOU and the contest come in! Post your title ideas in This Topic on the forums, and if it’s good enough, funny enough, or just so retarded that I like it, it will be added to the title list and display on the mainpage randomly. This contest will last until…. lets say.. October 15th, and at the end, a group of highly esteemed judges will choose the winner, who will walk away with a special prize that is yet to be determined. Go be funny, Elite!

Posted: September 26th, 2005
at 9:36pm by Steve

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Luck be a Lady

…or at least that’s what Wouter Jansen wants us to think. His new topic in the Goldeneye forum, “Beautiful Girl Inside“, may not be what it seems, but is just as good. After a thousand million billion hours (read: 120) Wouter finally did it. Frigate Agent 0:23. As anyone who has ever played the level knows, there is so much reliance on luck even to complete 0:26 and under, and to have the determination and skill to even fail a 0:23 is a feat in itself. Wouter consistently failed 0:23 runs until today, when the hostages finally completed and this incredible untied became a reality. Not a surprise in the least that he was able to pull this off, but still an insane new record that joins the league of “untouchables” with 0:17 Bunker 1 A and 0:22 Runway A. Jim Barrett says it best about this time: “it’s now where it should be after all these years”.

In other GE news, Ilari Pekkala scored big with a strong WR tie in 0:38 Runway 00A. This ties one of Bryan’s tougher WRs, and brings him up to 7th in the WR rankings. The consistently active Brandon Sanford recently nabbed 2 new WRs in Streets SA/00A 1:56, and passed former GE champ Randy Buikema to move into 12th place overall in points. Long time member La

Posted: September 24th, 2005
at 2:33pm by Steve

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Super QDB Update

The Elite Quote Database has just undergone a massive update. For those who are… shall we say, “uneducated”, the Elite QDB is a mini-site that stores the best Elite quotes for others to browse. You can sign up, vote on each quote and submit your own. It’s great fun for all the family.

The code has been completely re-written from scratch and is faster than ever. There are more features than you can count (on your fingers), like user profiles, tracking what happened to your active/pending/denied quotes, and an “X users online in the last 15 minutes” box. And of course, it still has all the same data (users and quotes and whatnot) as the old one. Nothing is lost.

I know quite a few people have skillfully forgotten their password for the QDB. Among the new features is a forgotten password reminder, which emails your password to your email address. The only problem is that the last version of the QDB didn’t have email addresses, and you can’t set yours without logging in. I’m going to go through each user and assign them manually what I believe is their main email address, to the best of my knowledge. If you have any problems at all, you can send me a message at YourElitenessPD and I’ll fix you up.

So if you’ve never been to the QDB or don’t have an account, there’s no better time to sign up than now. Check it out if you haven’t already. Check it out if you’ve already seen it before. Go! Now! Stop reading this!

Posted: September 21st, 2005
at 6:36am by Your Eliteness

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Go Browns Go!

Posted: September 19th, 2005
at 6:52pm by Steve

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It’s That Time Again

Hey there, Elite. Back again with a few things to talk about and some more updating goodness for all of you.

I updated the GE Dark LTK Ranks just now, so it’s finally up to date and including the new levels that league champ Ilari Pekkala beat, and updated times from Wouter Jansen, Alexandre Gimenez, and some whoarded times from yours truly. Check it out, and be sure to yell at me when things are screwed up because Excel doesn’t like cooperating.

On a completely unrelated note, Football season is back, and as always, we’ve got more competitions than Fal’s mor has husbands! Okay, we’ve only got 3, but still, it’s a lot of fun! Fantasy Football is in full swing, and although you’re too late to join, you can still follow our progress and trash talking throughout the year. We’ve also got our annual Pigskin Pick’em contest up at ESPN, and a new contest on Yahoo called Survival. Details are located in this topic and be sure to sign up fast, since the season starts Thursday!

Also, our good buddy Ngamer recently finished up work on the videos he made while visiting new dual champion Bryan Bosshardt, including a very cool Tour Vid of the Boss-house, along with some other gaming vids, all which can be found here.

On one final note, congratulations to long time Eliter Greg Lewis (AKA Funky Buddha) for his recent performance in Mario Kart 64 competition. Greg has been tearing through the rankings much like he did in GE and PD, earning himself a ton of awards in the recent update. It’s very rare for such a talented gamer to show up and be a force in 3 very popular and very competitive leagues, especially when one is so different as Kart is. With some Kart and GE improvements, he could be the only person EVER to be in the top ten in all 3 games at one time, a feat that definitely deserves some attention.

Until next time, Elite. Keep on truckin’.

Posted: September 4th, 2005
at 8:48pm by Steve

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