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Set in Stone

Sorry for the long layoff! The Elite’s been alive and well, regardless of the lack of updates here.

It’s the end of the year, and that means that it’s time to induct the newest class into The Elite Hall of Fame! It is with great honor that we immortalize these 5 into our prestigious hall:

Karl Jobst

Chris “ExpertGamer” Rayola

Matthijs ten Ham

Greg “captZEEbo” Lavery

Bryan Youse

A special thanks to the 20(!) great members of our committee that helped to make this extremely tough decision. More info can be found on the forums.

Another year-end tradition has taken a great new direction, The Goldeneye “Sylvester-Tip” predictions! Silver Angel has put a lot of work into making a fully functional site based around these preds, so be sure to check it out and post in the new topic.

Also of note as we head into 2007 are the bi-annual No-Sleepathon and the annual AIM Survivor competitions. Keep an eye in the Chatroom for more info on these 2 events!

Some congratulations are in store, first for PDO who won the 4th annual Elite Fantasy Football League last week, and second for Ngamer who won the first Grand National Championship in dramatic fashion! Perhaps this coming summer, a certain Hoosier will drive to Wisconsin to challenge Mr. Barber in his feats of strength!

Thanks for a great 2006 and let’s hope that 2007 is just as active and exciting! Happy New Year Elite!

Posted: December 31st, 2006
at 6:55am by Steve

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