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Contest Underway!

Playins have been decided and the main Contest is now off and rolling. As an extra special addition for this season, the current matchup is now being displayed right here on the top of t-e.n, as you’ve no doubt noticed. The slick thing is that both this t-e.n top and the board top now pull directly off my thengamer database, and so they’re both fully auto-updated. So when you see those match pics above throughout the Summer, no need to wonder if that’s actually the current match going on- it is, so just get that vote off to me ASAP!

Speaking of which, remember that all votes can come to me at ImNgamer on AIM or by an e-mail to ngamer AT If you haven’t been keeping up with the Contest on the boards so far, you’ve been missing alot of fun… another new addition is that every Contestant has their own Theme Song this year. You’ll find them linked alongside their pics on the boards every day, or you can browse the full album on your own time if you would like. The other new thing we’re doing in 2007 is spread betting; rather than merely picking who you think will win each day, now you’re challenged to guess whether that day’s winner will be able to meet the “Vegas line” in terms of percent. Quite difficult to do, especially with how accurate the lines have been so far this Summer! If that sounds like fun you can check that page for the daily line and send your prediction to QB at CieloAzor. Otherwise, we reveal the line and take early bets right after First Vote every night at 1am EST- you’re welcome to join us!

Posted: June 5th, 2007
at 4:54am by Ngamer

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