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If you think we’re dead, YOU’RE DEAD wrong! Perfect Dark is surviving the generation gap and is being played to death (pun intended) by the new generation gamers.

Perfect Ace has been getting many incredible world records such as Villa A 1:07, Villa SA 1:17, Chicago PA 0:27, Infiltration PA 1:47, Pelagic II PA 2:03, Maian SOS A 1:37, and Maian SOS PA 2:06. But most incredibly, all of these (and many others that I didn’t list) were accomplished using a PAL system! The top players had better watch out if he gets his hands on an NTSC console, as he’s already ranked 4th.

In the exact opposite situation, we have Taka, who has NTSC (and some weird thing called SECAM), but unfortunately lacks the PAL system required to take down the remaining two players above him. His amazing talent achieves crazy times such as the controversial Defection PA 1:23, Extraction PA 1:35 (which for some reason won’t update on the rankings – I’ll have to look into it later), Escape SA 3:20, Escape PA 3:22, and Pelagic II A 0:49. Bravo indeed!

Dark Otto also snagged a few records, which were then destroyed by Hurricane Perfect Ace or Hurricane Taka, or both. Poor Otto. His Chicago SA 0:27 is his only recent record that still stands, but I believe he should be congratulated and noted for the hard work he’s put into the game recently.

And finally, an honourable mention goes to Leet Gamer, who after “countless hours of hard work” finally achieved the elusive Duel Agent 0:03. Well done.

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Posted: September 17th, 2007
at 9:56am by Your Eliteness

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Stuff is going on

Football, KotH, Gamefaqs contest, etc. :O

Some people probably play goldeneye still too. :blush:
Go to the boards.

And BIDOOF! :crazy:

In other news, if anyone really wants to make real front page updates on stuff (I’m looking at you, octo!) just talk to Jon or Derek and they’ll set you up with greymatter. :rolleyes:

Posted: September 17th, 2007
at 9:22am by Steve

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