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Posted: January 29th, 2008
at 6:26pm by Red Bull

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Oh come on, that could be anybody’s silo of pig crap!

The year opened with heated competition for control on the Silo 00 Agent world record. Boss was first to give it a go, tieing the existing time of 1:29 before lowering it another second to 1:28. Clemens put it a good effort as well, obtaining a PR or 1:29 and duping it short thereafter. Goose however, simply stared at the floor, reducing lag, and emerged ahead of the field with the new untied time of 1:27, prompting a massively epic comeback video, and later being the first player to hit the elusive Streets time of 1:55, on secret agent.

Unable to cope with being bested, Boss and Clemens quickly hopped onto the local train to seek conselling, both arriving in a slick 1:27, secret agent style. Ace quickly derailed their hopes, by defending and improving his untied sweep of the stage, lowering the SA time to 1:25; followed by tieing the Archives SA and 00 world records at 0:54.

Neither of them would give up however, and both would go on to break the 1:15:00 barrier, with some strong new records including Aztec 00 1:43 by Boss; Aztec SA 1:38, Dam SA 1:17 and Streets A 1:13 by Clemens. As of this post, Clemens is ahead overall by only a single second! With the competition at the top so close, it should be interesting to see who winds up on top later this year. Why, it could even be newcomer Adam Goldflint, who recently achieved his first world record time, Runway SA 0:23.

Great as all the new WRs above are, they pale compared to the recent bunker-ings of our pal, David Clemens, who managed to not only get the untied he had been aiming for for some time, but to get it by a full two seconds!Bunker 2 SA 0:46, great time and shaping up to be the strongest untied record set this year; he then went onto tie the 00 agent WR of 0:58, securing a sweep of the level. Clemens wasn’t the only player tackling this stage, Illu set two personal bests of 0:51 on Secret Agent and 1:05 on 00 Agent.

In other news, Eddie Lovins was busy rocking the Cradle, obtaining 0:35 on Agent and 0:37 on SA and 00, making him the newest player 60/60 times proven. Congrats Eddie, for making octo’s job all the easier! Down in Aussieland, Glen Stevens started his GE year by duping his personal best on Facility Agent, 0:47.

Licence to Kill league saw a fair bit of action as well, with Boss hitting a strong 0:56 on Archives. Illu and Adam Bozon put in some good work on Aztec, hitting 2:23 and 2:18 respectively, both beating the previous world record of 2:24.

On the darker side of LTK, Ace managed 1:07 on Archives, but that pales to Illu’s recent Aztec acheivement. His new record time of 8:19 not only beats the next best time by a full 7 and a half minutes, but also beats the in-game target time to unlock the dual laser cheat. A stunning feat to which no doubt many Bonds valiantly gave their lives.

Well, that’s all for now! See you all again in a couple weeks.

Posted: January 28th, 2008
at 7:30pm by Jack

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Goldeneye Reporter – Now.. JACK!

Congratulations to Jack, the-elite’s newest staff member. We look forward to his wit, knowledge and involvement in the community to help spice up the main page and extend the happenings in and around Goldeneye to all main-page viewers.

Read more about it!

Posted: January 3rd, 2008
at 3:25am by octo

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