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Our Eliteness

This past month the site ran into a couple snags that almost got us shut down (temporarily). In both cases YE (Your Eliteness, or better yet, Ryan Dwyer) put out the fires while you slept comfily in your beds. In the first case, he figured out the origin of a mysterious storage limit problem (a dead/forgotten email account that had accumulated 75k spam emails). In the very same week there was a GreyMatter (our blogging client) crash that seemed to be associated. YE noticed comments left in a cgi script from an admin demanding us to upgrade. On a followup we learned that we had twice crashed their server after GreyMatter bombed, eating 5 GB of RAM before the server shut itself down (lol). Turns out the two problems were unrelated. What you should know is that YE took on the hassle of the GreyMatter upgrade which ended up requiring a template updating task so rigorous he wrote his own script to automate the process.

As you may’ve observed, I’m a bit apathetic toward the site (though you know I love the community). Without YE’s help, I don’t know what I would’ve done, honestly. He’s been a pillar around here, one of the guys whose efforts facilitate the functions that uphold this site’s vitality. As most of you know, he was the updater for years, a responsibility that has worn down some of our finest. I decided, with all of this in mind, that YE deserves his own donation drive. This is not related to the standard donation box and donations go straight to YE’s paypal. There is no unspoken ethic about $20 donations or anything like that… this is simply a call to the community to show your appreciation for a guy whose involvement here allows you to keep enjoying the site. Love him, hate him, doesn’t matter – he deserves some respect.

Donate to Your Eliteness:

And while I’ve shared some of the donation income with our hero Ngamer, he’s raised the bar with this year’s contest. Depending on whether or not you guys are assholes, we might have to give him his own drive, also. Of course, there are many of you (Octo, ty) that deserve acknowledgment beyond that which is available for your roles here.

Again, very small donations are not sneered at (as the $20 thing accidentally implies) – the donations really serve as thank-yous, so take 60 seconds and send him something.

Posted: June 13th, 2008
at 11:25am by Derek

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