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Competition! Yay!

A lot of things happened since the last news entry, which dates back to July 28th. In fact, competition is back in business again after some top players returned to being active again (Taka and Otto), who did a great job so far. Lets just hope this is only the beginning!

As for **Taka**s return after more than a year, there are 3 active top 10 players again. Taka didnt only get some very good PRs; he also re-invented the Air Base SA strategy which took that WR down by 1 second. By throwing the Dragon in front of the patrolling guard, the glass above breaks; saving approximately 2 seconds. This means that it could go down to 1:42, maybe even 1:41. With Takas return there is also competition going on for the fourth place on the World Rank. As we speak, **Red Bull **has a small point advantage, but how long can it last? What is even more impressive and should be taken into account, is the fact that Taka is NTSC only, meaning he loses a huge opportunity by not exploiting the PAL Deep Sea A/SA times. Indeed, Taka would have been #2 if he had PAL.
Meanwhile I (Red Bull) have been steadily climbing the rankings, getting two WRs since last update. Maian SA 1:53 (tying Takas untied) and Attack Ship SA 2:37. Along with some very very fine PRs this has put me in fourth place! Yay!

Some notable players have made a comeback to the competitive environment of Perfect Dark. **Henning Blom** managed to finally get Defection A 0:06, along with some 90+ pointers: Maian PA 2:12, Rescue A 1:28. **Otto** also made a comeback after an absence of 4 months, which is uncommon for Otto to do! As of now, he managed to improve his Maian SA time to 1:55 and his Maian PA time to 2:11 (94 points).
**Greg K.** made a small comeback, getting Investigation 1:29, although his point was to test how to save time on that ridiculous luck-level. It seems that you can gain time by holding strafe against walls. This would save a combined ~0.7 seconds, although it still requires a bunch of luck to tie the 1:28 WR.

Also a suddenly very active **speedruntrainer** is on his way to climb the rankings. With a bunch of PRs and 1 WR (Duel SA 0:06), he is definitely on his way to become a top player, although he has a lot of work remaining. I would say, keep the PRs coming!

Then I would like to end this entry with some funny facts. **Eise Smit** somehow decided to play PD, which is strange. Then **David Clemens** thought it was funny to post some fake PRs with the intention to piss me off. Way to go!

Red Bull

Posted: October 26th, 2008
at 9:05am by Red Bull

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