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Reporting LIVE from a Convenience Store you’ve never heard of

Week one of the Goldeneye Team Tournament ended yesterday, and we’ve seen some of the fiercest competition in recent memory! As expected, Team More Elite than Elite under the guidance of Ranked no. 1 David Clemens, who accumulated a third of the team’s 39 total points, takes the number one spot. They placed first in three of the general events, and won the Personal challenge of the week. Great job guys! Other key performers on this stacked team were Afanoftherings and Ryan Lockwood, with especially impressive showings in their respective events, tying the first place time.

Moving down the ladder, we come to the always controversial Team Denis Lucid, in second place at 33 points, with a thorough and decisive clinch of the Team event by key players Henning Blom, Axel Zed, and Patrik The Destroyer. The total time of their rumble in the jungle was a low, low time of 2:37! Henning and Axel also tied the first place finishes of Clemens and Lockwood. The race between these top two teams looks to be a good one!

It doesn’t stop there either, fellow Eliters! The battle at the bottom is looking brutal as well with three teams all within a few points at each other. Leading this pack right now, is Team Whatever we’re calling ourselves at the moment, headed by Tournament Mastermind, Goose! Despite being edged out in the Personal and Team challenges, they put up respectable showings in all their individual events, all scoring 3rd place or better, with Durk taking a nice first place finish on the caverns event. While yours truly underperformed in his own event, he does maintain that he at least beat The Good Speedruntrainer, which is far better than actually winning. They currently sit a 22 points.

Unlucky fourth to the ever cuddly and lovable Team Adorable, headed by the Wailin’ Australian, Glen Stevens! The team captain dominated the Grand Prix, netting a two second untied and 8 luscious, scrumptious points for his team, leaving everyone else deadlocked in a four way tie for second place. Our favorite clown, Adam Bozon showed off his fancy tomfoolery by dominating the Cradle event as well! They currently sit at a mere 20 points, but don’t count these pretty eyed cuties out just yet!

In current last place is the one team that truly lived up to their name, The Busy Boys. Spending their time on meaningless things like school, and work, and sleep; they managed to collectively net only a paltry 12 points. Ouch! But don’t dismiss these sleeping giants just yet, whose star power meter includes the Notorious Jim Barrett, as well as the Furious Matis the Mighty. Everyone’s best friend, ringer and team leader Eddie Lovins was part of that clusterfuck 2nd place tie on the Statue level. And hey, there’s really no telling when these guys might wisen up, take Jack Black’s advice and quit their day jobs.

Not enough for you? Check out the official thread on The Elite forums for a detailed breakdown of the various rules and scores of Week One of the Tournament.

In other news, longtime GE veteran Wouter Jansen resigned from his position as Updater after a lengthy (read: half a year) dispute with many in the community on either side. The issue? Jim Barrett’s untaped (though witnessed by a roomful of eliters) world record run on Archives Agent. After a long legal battle, the Supreme Judge eventually ruled in Jimbo’s favour, to the annoyance of some and the ecstasy of others.

There was also a bunch of world and personal records set, but nobody cares about those.

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Posted: January 25th, 2009
at 3:41pm by Jack

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2008 Perfect Dark Recap

**In this news entry you will read everything about the progress of players and the rankings during 2008. Also, some of the great moments will be discussed and highlighted which have occurred during the past year.**

Lets start off with the one and only Dark Otto, who started the year with a total time of 1:40:10 and during the year lowered that time to 1:39:34, that is a total cut of 36 seconds, good job! With this 36 seconds also comes an 47 net points gain, meaning he did gain more, but also lost some because of activity of other players.
Myself (Red Bull) cut off 6 minutes and 14 seconds (1:42:28 to 1:36:14) from my total time and gained 923 points, quite a lot if you ask me! This also puts me into third place on the time rankings compared to position 11 a year ago. In point rankings that is from place 16 to place 5.
Carathorn managed to cut off 9 minutes and 33 seconds (!) (from 1:54:49 to 1:45:16) during the course of the year, and with that total time cut he earned a net amount of points of 1846 points. With this accomplishment he moved from position 51 to 23 on the point rankings, and from 44 to 21 on the time rankings. Congratulations to that!
Taka bought the PAL version of PD this year, which is a good thing, since his rank now better reflects the skill he has. Along with several untieds (Rescue PA 2:46 and Air Base 1:43) he cut off 1:57 of his total time, which puts him in second place. With his new PD PAL version and some fine other stuff he gained 102 points during the year.
Wouter Jansen, who decided to improve some of his worst times he had still remaining, improved his total time with 4 minutes and 12 seconds, and a total points gain of 469. Good job fellow Dutchman!
Some people have been primarily playing GoldenEye during 2008, but also touched the PD game on several occasions. One of these players is Rayan Isran, who basically got to the first place in PD just before the start of 2008, and became the third Dual Champ ever in 2008. Still he improved his total time by getting some untied world records (such as Pelagic II SA 1:43, Pelagic II PA 1:59, and Infiltration SA 1:30). His total time improved from 1:34:40 to 1:34:27. Because of more activity from other players his total points actually dropped from 6221 to 6185 (36 points loss).
Henning Blom lowered his total time by 1 minute and 26 seconds (from 1:58:08 to 1:56:42) and gained a total of 404 points! A new entrant, David Clemens, the current GoldenEye champion has proven himself that he isnt only good in GE, but also in PD. As he hasnt finished every level yet, or played every level seriously, its quite useless to state a difference of points or total time. However, its worthwhile to mention some of his great accomplishments this year. Most notably his untieds: Investigation A 1:27 and Rescue SA 1:27, as well as some tied WRs: Rescue A 1:26, Infiltration A 1:11, and Chicago SA 0:27. Bryan Bosshardt, who lost his number 1 position in GE this year, made a comeback at the end of the year in PD. All his PRs also were untied WRs, which were MBR A 1:19, and Investigation SA 2:09. He posted his new untied (MBR PA 1:24) on 1 january, which is a great start of the year!

With the progress of several players noted, there were some other things which have drawn our attention this year. One of these things were the TAS vids of Henrik Norgren, who put a lot of time and effort into doing a full Perfect Agent run (which is still not really finished for what I know). Although these runs are useful in the development of several possible new strategies, and to see how maxed several levels really are. Matt Cook is also someone who is always up for crazy ideas for strats, but lets not forget that those ideas can be modified or changed and maybe implemented in actual WR runs.

Another PD related issue was the coop-battles battles we have had for a during 2008. The players involved were primarily Red Bull and Carathorn, JugadorJ3 and Funky Buddha, Vulpex and Failsafe, and the Brazilians working together (Mitrhil, Greg K, Ghus Dark). This is actually a very funny (and also annoying, because of immense lag issues) league, but dont be shy to join the fun in 2009! This league actually rewards creativity, because of all the possibilities working together.

Also, this was the year of another barrier going down. We have broken the 1:34:00 barrier, and are now in the beginning of the year at 1:33:36 (officially 1:33:33 with the new untieds of Bryan counted). We started the year at 1:34:08, so that is a total time cut of 37 seconds! Will the 1:33 barrier fall this year? I would say, only time can tell!

Dont forget to vote on the best WR of 2008 on the PD elite boards!

A happy new year to all of you,

Red Bull

Posted: January 2nd, 2009
at 10:57am by Red Bull

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