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Best Update Ever!

**It has been way too long since the last update concerning Perfect Dark. While everyone might think everyone stopped playing, this is completely untrue! And I will tell you why.**

In approximately 4 months already 18 seconds have been cut off to the overall time, with Bryan Bosshardt, Red Bull, David Clemens, Taka, and Denis Lucid being the ones who contributed to this.

The year 2009 started off with Bryan Bosshardt surprising everyone by sweeping MBR, and getting untieds on all the difficulties (Agent 1:19 (1), Special Agent 1:21 (1), Perfect Agent 1:24 (2)). It is a shame Bryan has decided to leave entirely, because it appears he got infected with some crazy virus which he thinks comes either from the Elite Boards or AIM, the latter case being highly unlikely. In any case, I think we would all like to thank him for helping PD out with a lot of new strategies and at least I hope to hear from him in the future to see whether he still has the skills to improve some of his times and contribute to the overall time once again.

Second of all, David Clemens deserves a huge mention on here, because he is the one who got several untied WRs and several tied WRs. Apart from getting ridiculous WRs no one ever thought were possible in the first place, one can argue that he definitely got even more insane tied WRs and PRs such as the highly regarded Villa Agent 1:06, G5 Agent 0:37, G5 Special Agent 0:43, and G5 Perfect Agent 0:54, and Investigation Special Agent 2:09. Also, Clemens proves that the Agent WRs as they were in 2008 were far from maxed, or at least, were not as maxed as people thought they were. Cutting off 1 second off Rescue and 1 second of Extraction are the proof of this.

I have been busy with getting several untieds myself, such as getting Escape Perfect Agent 3:18 (4 seconds) and Air Base Perfect Agent 2:05 (1 second). Along with this, nothing has really changed on my times page concerning the difference from last update.
As for Taka, he managed to get Attack Ship Agent 2:10 lately, and despite it being one of the most tied Agent record, it is still a good WR considering the amount of luck needed to get it. More importantly, he is the first one to get the Rescue Perfect Agent strategy to work on a WR run, cutting off 2 seconds from his already untied WR, down to 2:44 this time.

The biggest controversy comes from an Irish guy named Denis Lucid. After someone found a youtube video of him doing a 1:37 run on CI Perfect Agent (a 5 seconds untied!) people have been arguing about whether the run itself is real, whether it could have been faked, whether it is another Eliter in disguise, or whether it is who he says he is doing a completely valid run. Questions such as why he has not contacted the Elite before, why he gets such an insane WR without noticing us have been bugging everyone so far. As things are now, our proof moderator has decided to backroll Denis Lucid if he does not provide us with some real-life footage of him playing that level.

There have also been some fairly known and unknown players been getting PRs and WRs. One of them seems to be an upcoming player, named BRIO who has just recently tied the Defection Agent WR. Illu and Cara have also played this year, but we havent heard so much from these players yet. Let us hope that is going to change in this year!

Thus so far the year 2009 is in fact filled with activity when it comes to cutting the overall time and people getting WRs. The only thing is that this is done by so few people.


Red Bull

Posted: May 3rd, 2009
at 7:32am by Red Bull

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