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Two Months of Greatness

**Last few weeks can pretty much be summarized by naming two people (with respect to other players, but these two really stood out in the last 2 months): Taka and David Clemens. It has been a pleasure to watch these guys lower the total time even more; a time which now stands at a stunning 1:33:13!**

Ever since the last update, which dates back to the end of May, Clemens has been highly active in Perfect Dark, getting some of the most impressive world records from this era. The month May ended with Clemens his sweep of G5 building, untying the Agent record to 0:36, and tying SA and PA. A new timesaver has been developed which, if done correctly, saves approximately 0.7 seconds. This strategy involves the use of launching the cam spy (to complete objective 1) before entering the safe-room. Now, it should be the case that when you deploy the door decoder, the cam spy (which has been launched already) should make the cinema start right after. Clemens went on to untie crazy untied world record, such as Villa PA 1:31 and Villa SA 1:15. As this message is being written, Clemens is trying to lower the PA record. Meanwhile, I would like to emphasize that I think that SA is one of the best records in PD right now.
After a hard struggle getting the new Rescue strategy to work (letting the guard open the door, so that the virus-upload is unnecessary), Clemens achieves a great time of 2:41 on PA, untying this record by 3 seconds, which was in the hands of Taka before.
The Clemens story ends by noting two other impressive world records: an untied run on Air Base SA: 1:42, and a tied world record on Escape Agent: 2:23 (which has been set by Taka 5 days prior).

Taka comes in the picture with his untied run on Crash Site PA, untying the former world record originally set by DMan of 1:53 with 1 second to 1:52. This world record has ever since been tied by only 2 other players: Funky Buddha and Your Eliteness, and dates back to October 2003. As mentioned before, Taka also untied the Escape Agent WR with 1 second, after inventing a different strategy. This strategy involves boosting yourself on the ramp towards Jon, killing all guards, and after this picking up the shield to make sure you survive while boosting yourself through the wall to the hangar. Five days later Taka (after 2 horrible round-ups) achieves Infiltration Agent 1:11. Whereas Clemens only seems to go for WRs, Taka has also managed to squeeze out some impressive PRs. Some of these include MBR SA 1:24 and Ruins Agent 1:09.

A fairly new guy named BRIO has also managed to impress several people on the boards by tying the Chicago Agent world record of 15 seconds, but especially by tying the SA world record of 0:27, which only a handful of other people have done so far. Pretty impressive for someone who is not that highly ranked, but is rising steadily so it seems!

The LTK side of life, surprisingly, sprang to life by the newly gotten WR of Skedar Ruins 1:30 by Taka. After this, several other WRs and PRs have been gotten by players such as Mgay and chuck. The new rankings which have been created by Mgay can be found here:

Ending this write-up, it has to be noted that a highly inactive player has come to life again. Someone named Otto. He has achieved his first PR since the end of 2008 by getting 2:27. Later on he was able to break this with a stunning 2:26. Mgay, who has apart from a great ability in speedrunning LTK, has also proven to excel in speedrunning the regular levels by obtaining PRs in levels such as MBR and CI. Great work there! Lastly, highscore80 pulled all of his power, strength and energy together to get the impressive Skedar Ruins Agent 1:24. Good job!

With that said, I would like to say that the last 2 months have been great for speedrunning. So far a lot of times I have been amazed to the bone. Keep it up everybody!

Red Bull

Posted: July 22nd, 2009
at 1:44pm by Red Bull

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