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The-Elite 2.0

Hi everyone. As you can see, the site has undergone some changes. I rebuilt the site from the ground up, but I attempted to preserve the feel of the existing site (ohh, that banner). The site is built on top of a more versatile blogging platform now, so hopefully we will get more content moving through the home page. I will be inviting users to sign up and become bloggers for the site – anyone that shows interest (and isn’t universally hated) can have blogging privileges, pretty much. Discussion for participation is going on here

Hopefully you are pleased to see that our link nest has been tidied into some simple CSS menus. In the process I pruned dead and defunct links, while adding a few obvious omissions. Discussion on the content of the site should be directed to the forums, here.

You will also notice we have some YouTube videos on the right sidebar. I actually wrote some code that pulls the RSS feed (which does not include the embed URL…) from the eliteWRVids YouTube account, so all we need to do to keep this updated is upload videos to that account. I recognize that this account isn’t an official account, but I’d like to discuss a) making it one, or b) establishing one.

On a final note, there is still some work to be done, and I will be appealing to the community to help us get the site where we’d all like it. For one, there is some work to be done for importing the old GreyMatter posts, which I’ve explained here. Also, I may hold a contest (with $ award) for creating a new banner for the site, if people show interest.

Posted: August 25th, 2009
at 12:54am by Derek

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Clash of the Titans – ’09 Edition

Hello there! Have you been following the 2009 Elite Summer Contest? If not, boy have you been missing out! It’s now Day 64 and we have reached the very end of our competition- QB has just been awarded the Bronze Medal for 2009 after defeating fellow Final Four representative Come, which means we’re down to

The 2009 Elite Summer Contest Championship

Infil vs Illu

For complete info on how these two Elite heroes were able to make it this far, check the complete match stats page for ’09. But in summary…

* Infil served notice that he was going to be a legit Contest force this season with a first round blowout of Karl Jobst. He drew a few doubters after allowing Axel to make a decent run at him in R2, but silenced his critics by surviving tough tests from Lovins and Cara in the following two rounds before posting a hugely impressive number on Come to burst into the Final.

* Illu likewise proved that he was a legit Final Four contender with an R1 blowout of Cyberwrath. He went on to wow us with an easier-than-expected win over a very game Comet, then pulled out the shocker of the season by knocking out the heavily favored octo by a single vote. Afterward he dispatched of DK with relative ease before surviving yet another Instant Classic, this time in a 1 vote win against QB to earn his spot in the Final.

Very exciting paths, but which one of these very likable, very friendly Eliters deserves to end their journey with the 2009 trophy held high? Run on over to the awesome new voter page and make your choice!

(if you’ve forgotten your password, mail so I can get you set back up. we want every last vote to be counted, as this will hopefully be another epic finish to an Elite Contest season!)

Posted: August 4th, 2009
at 1:39am by Ngamer

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