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Morning Goose

He’s been in the top 5 for over two years, he’s one of the most talked-about Eliters ever…Ryan White is back! He’s achieved two amazing WRs: Silo Secret Agent 1:09, which is an untied record improving on 1:10 (which was already very impressive). And at long last, he’s achieved Dam Agent 0:53, playing through the pain of countless 0:54 duplications and 0:37 gate quitouts (often indicating you were on pace for 0:53 had you HIT THE LOCK). Ryan was the only Top 10 player to not have 0:53, and quite a few others also having it means Ryan gains 26 points with this time, halving the gap between him and Ilari Pekkala! Ryan has never been ahead of Ilari on the ranks, but that could all change very soon. We’ll wait and see if Ryan continues to play.

And let’s not forget Marc Rutzou, who continues his Aztec domination by tying David Clemens with Secret Agent 1:36. All he needs is 00 Agent 1:40 to have all the WRs on what he says is his favorite level. And if he gets that, will he try for Agent 1:29? Only time will tell.

Other recent GE activity includes a couple nice PRs from Takahiro Arai. He put up with Natalya TWICE to get Control Agent 4:04 and Secret Agent 4:19. In case you hadn’t noticed, Taka is the new PD champ, and he’s also 16th in GE. Could he become the next dual champ? People think it more likely that David Clemens will overtake Takahiro in PD before Taka claims the GE title from Clemens, but anything could happen.

Posted: October 30th, 2009
at 10:01pm by Thiradell

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Geocities Pages Expire Today!

After today, will stop hosting user pages.  While for most this isn’t particularly important (albeit sad in that nostalgic kind of way), we have been recommending Geocities for free hosting of GE and PD times pages for years.  If you have hosted your times on Geocities, copy your profile to a new host and update us with the new URL.  If you are retired (Manhood style) then no action is required unless there is a chance you will ever submit new times.

Also, helpful hint, nerds: move your DBZ fan pages to new hosts to keep that AdSense machine purring.

Posted: October 26th, 2009
at 10:19am by Derek

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New Perfect Dark Champion

Takahiro Arai is your undisputed Perfect Dark champion! The PRs that do it are Defection Special Agent 0:34 and Extraction Agent 0:49; and let me say, these videos are two of the coolest I’ve ever seen. Taka sets the mood great, tells Night Vision to take a hike in Extraction, and shows all the skills of a champion throughout the runs. Watch the videos on his YouTube channel:

Congratulations Taka!

Posted: October 21st, 2009
at 12:27pm by Thiradell

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With his amazing run of new times, Takahiro Arai has officially tied Rayan Isran, at 6131 points, for the title of Perfect Dark Champion! With the rate that Taka’s been playing at, he’ll surely pass Ace any day now, but catch this moment in history before it’s gone!

Posted: October 19th, 2009
at 8:55pm by Thiradell

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Frigate Secret Agent 1:01

Taking a break from Taka’s rampage on PD (in which he got 7 World Records in a few days), David Clemens just nailed Frigate Secret Agent 1:01 (!), untying the old record of 1:02, held by David himself, Rayan Isran and Ryan White, on Goldeneye. Watch the video here: David Clemens – Frigate Secret Agent 1:01. And talking about WR videos, Taka will soon be releasing his lastest World Record videos, so stay around!

Posted: October 19th, 2009
at 4:36am by Vitor

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A New Perfect Dark?

We’ve had quite a lot of Perfect Dark activity of late, and there’s one thing in particular that excites me. Takahiro Arai has been posting all kinds of PRs, including G5 PA 0:53, Investigation A 1:28, and Ruins PA 1:32. He’s also posted quite a few WRs recently, tying David Clemens with Rescue Agent 1:25 and Funky Buddha with Crash Site Agent 1:15, to name a couple. All these new times have put him within 50 points of catching Perfect Ace…and he doesn’t have all the World Records on the rankings yet! Once he has videos up for those, he’s going to be even closer…ladies and gentlemen, we could see a new champ any day now!

Other players have been playing too, with three new players being added to the ranks today. Comm31 and Dark Lazer debut at 124th and 116th with some nice times; Comm31 gets on the WR ranks with Defection Agent 0:06. The big story here is Chuya Takizawa, who already has 3076 points, putting him at 43rd! You can check out Chuya’s YouTube channel to see videos for a lot of his times.

Everyone’s favorite all-caps players, CEDRIC and BRIO, are now 50 spots apart on the rankings, each getting a few PRs recently. CEDRIC got the very-impressive-but-somehow-not-a-WR WAR! A 0:26. BRIO managed Rescue A 1:35 while drunk, and then improved to 1:34 while sober. Funny thing, he’s currently at 89th with exactly…1337 points! Maybe this eliter will rise higher in the-elite in the time to come. This means CEDRIC is 39th, so watch out for him too!

Lastly, Axel Z has resolved the problem he had with updating PD, so he is now in full control of the updater and will update regularly. Hooray!

Till next time, Third

Posted: October 15th, 2009
at 5:07pm by Thiradell

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Bunker 1 Dark LTK madness

59 seconds. That’s the ammount of time shaved off on Bunker 1 DLTK on the last 9 days, by 4 different players! Here’s where it ended, at least for now:

David Clemens – Bunker 1 Dark LTK 2:03

In case you don’t know, the Dark License to Kill difficult is known as the hardest challenge possible, in theory, on Goldeneye. It’s defined by playing on 007 mode, with all the settings on the maximum (Health and damage at 1000%, accuracy and reaction speed at 100%).

Follow up the new strategies at the Dark LTK topic on the boards! And also take a look at the updated DLTK World Rankings!

Posted: October 12th, 2009
at 7:52pm by Vitor

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Quick news – world records!

Hey there! This past week we’ve seen two players tying two great world records on both GE and PD. On the October 5th, Cliff Hampton – known as QstarH on the boards – got Runway 00A 0:36, using the insane no-tank strat, which is one of the hardest strategies out there on Goldeneye. And Takahiro Ahai, or just Taka, pulled off Rescue Agent 1:25 on Perfect Dark, breaking David Clemens’ untied sweep on that level.

Congratulations to both players! Be sure to check out the videos on the links below. Taka’s 1:25 hasn’t been uploaded yet, but check out two of his 1:26s! Also, don’t forget to keep an eye at the boards so you don’t miss any fresh World Record!

Cliff Hampton – Runway 00A 0:36

Taka – Rescue Agent 1:26 (x2)

Later folks!

Posted: October 11th, 2009
at 6:44pm by Vitor

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