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Rage On, Angry Gamers

I received the first Game Rage submission in years the other day from a fellow named Martin Blair. And his rage might just raise the bar, haha:

“[…] 8 controllers (6 official sony n 2 wired(when i say broke i mean i threw them against walls, punched them, bit them, stamped them, elbowed them n when I had broken the bottom of 1 of the bits I then decided to pull one apart n rip the bits out of it (not the first time that would happen), 1 yamaha guitar(once my pride and joy, now i have a vintage guitar which i worry about sometimes), 2 phones(most recent being sony ericsson c902 which is smashed repetitively off of my drawers til the screen cracked, then I bent it with all my force n then pulled it apart…”

Not bad! You may recall that I use to advise self-harming to save controllers. After all, you were the one who fucked up, so kick your own ass. Martin abides by this tenet as well:

“The worst however is the self harming, nono not glass to my arm or anything like that but I’ve now taken to smashing the controller off of my head in a bid to calm the fuck down(pain stops me sometimes), I once done it so hard i had the two analog stick marks in my head. I also have started punching myself in the head and hitting myself with tv remotes.”

If only I didn’t relate to this…

Tell us about your rage against the game machines and if the submissions are good, I might just share some more. Send an email to derekclark at gmail or leave a comment!

Posted: December 6th, 2009
at 1:21pm by Derek

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World Records Everywhere

We’ve had quite a lot of activity in both GoldenEye and Perfect Dark recently, so let’s get to it.

First of all, a new Carrington Institute strategy discovered by Takahiro Arai and Henrik Norgren that allows you to skip an elevator has led to some pretty sweet untied records. Vitor mentioned David Clemens’ Agent 0:49; Bryan Bosshardt managed to tie that, as well as get Special Agent 1:26. This was tied by Clemens, so then Boss got 1:25! We’ve yet to see what these guys can do on Perfect Agent, but it should be a good show.

Sticking with Perfect Dark, Dan Cervone showed up with an incredible untied time of Air Base Agent 1:14! This is one of the most surprising WRs ever seen, considering Dan hasn’t been too active lately and 1:15 was very good. I don’t think 1:13 is even humanly possible, but you never know! David Clemens was quick to tie Dan’s 1:14, showing incredible skill.

Moving over to GoldenEye now, the big story here is Cliff Hampton, who has been labelled an anomaly. Cliff doesn’t post too many times anymore, but apparently he’d been working on one level in particular for quite awhile. This work paid off in the form of Runway 00 Agent 0:35, one of the most amazing records seen in quite awhile! I personally am still impressed with Runway 00 Agent 0:38, so this tankless time is just amazing.

Other nice WRs include a long-awaited Cradle 00 Agent 0:36 for Henning Blom, who’s got to be glad to be done with that level. Marc Rutzou has moved from Aztec to Dam, where he’s already managed Dam Agent 0:53 and SECRET AGENT 1:17! 1:17 was thought to be one of the best records ever when Ilari Pekkala first got it, but Marc was quick to criticize a few parts in his own run. How times change!

There’s nice activity going on below the world record level as well, with Ryan Koch making a bit of a comeback, posting a pair of 1:56s for Streets Secret/00 Agent among a few other times. Henning managed Egyptian Agent 0:46 to creep up closer to Ryan White, and Eddie Lovins might be thinking about cracking the top 10, getting closer with Silo Agent 1:06.

In the PD scene, several players have been very active. The PR topic sees lots of new posts a day, with Chuya Takizawa, CEDRIC, AT Allianz, goodspeedruntrainer, and Otto Oksman all contributing. Otto might have his eye on passing Karl Jobst for 6th place, while CEDRIC and Chuya are both trying to crack the top 20; they’re currently at 21st and 28th. Chuya PRed on 42 different levels in the month of November alone, which is two thirds of all the levels in Perfect Dark! Incredible stuff. AT Allianz managed to crack the top 100 and currently sits at 92nd, but he has every intention of climbing higher on the ranks. We’ll have to watch and see what happens!

Posted: December 2nd, 2009
at 1:09pm by Thiradell

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