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Perfect Dark XBLA – March 17th is the date!

It finally has a more solid confirmed date, but Perfect Dark will be released on March 17th 2010 with a price of 800 microsoft points and that is more than a bargain for such a great game. Surely we should have a forum game online for those of us who have an Xbox 360?

It will be great to play against some of the great players on here. Here is the official trailer which shows the multiplayer aspect of the game towards the end.

Perfect Dark XBLA Trailer

Posted: February 17th, 2010
at 9:17am by Fal

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Perfect Dark XBLA confirmed for March release

It seems to be taking an age to come but finally we will be seeing it in the march XBLA Block Party (a bunch of games being released during march on XBLA). Its expected that it will be released for 1200 microsoft points but rumours are abound that it could potentially be 800 ms points but either way its a great bargain for such a great game. Here is a video which shows the very first level being done in what can only be described as record time. Thats enough sarcasm for now..

Perfect Dark XBLA – Defection

I can see you guys just wanting him to jump on the door at the beginning, i have a feeling they will have probably patched any glitches however.

Posted: February 12th, 2010
at 7:00am by Fal

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1:02. A time that marks the new age of GoldenEye, the continual push to improve, to untie. In the good old Wouter Jansen days, there weren’t any world records that took 62 seconds (or any impressive amount of time). (jk Wouter) Bryan Bosshardt came along, and while his contributions to the game will never be forgotten, for so long his 1:02 skills lay dormant. But we are in the new era now, we’re in 2010. And today we have:

All three of these WRs represent an unprecedented level of dedication, an unbreakable determination to beat the level as fast as possible. These times require precise strafing, great reaction ability, and the willpower to hit Start again and again. In short, to get 1:02, one must be elite.

There are only two players who have 1:02 on all three of those levels. They are the top two players in the world: David Clemens and Rayan Isran. But a third man looks to push himself, to achieve what is impossible for so many. Marc R├╝tzou recently achieved Silo Agent 1:02, after duplicating 1:03 an insane 55 times. He got Caverns before that and now has his sights set on Surface 1.

Marc says that S1 will be “lots easier” than Silo, and that “the locks is the level.” We’ll have to wait and see if Marc can achieve his third 1:02, and see if anyone else steps up to this elite challenge (I’m looking straight at you, Ryan “Silo Master” White).

Posted: February 10th, 2010
at 10:02pm by Thiradell

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New Rage Champion?

If there were a champion of game rage, we have a serious contender.
A fellow by the name of Skarma dropped me an email describing–with no shortage of detail–his dark history with the game Gran Turismo 4. In his own words:

“I have actully gone through 7 PS2 controllers so far on just that ONE game, 6 of which I still have in my possession. The 7th I destroyed it so badly its nonexistent.”

Stuck at 99%, he finally directed his rage away from the controllers and toward the game, having “wiped the floor with it”.
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Posted: February 9th, 2010
at 12:21am by Derek

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Wait…didn’t you just do this?

DAVID CLEMENS, ladies and gentlemen. Just two weeks after getting Extraction Perfect Agent 1:31 to complete his sweep there, he gets another untied record…for another sweep! This time it’s Pelagic II Agent 0:46, cutting another second off a level that’s seen all its records untied recently. You can watch the video here:

Pelagic II A 0:46

Incredible job, David!

Posted: February 4th, 2010
at 5:55pm by Thiradell

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