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GE World Records update: more Depot, Train ownage and Bryan!

Well, it’s been a while without an update here, but some nice WRs were achieved in the past month. Starting with Depot SA 0:41 by Rayan Isran, tying Clemens. David also got an untied on Depot 00A with a 0:49, breaking one of the oldest WRs in Goldeneye (0:50 by Wouter Jansen, that was about 5 years old!).

Talking about beating old WRs, the two longest standing untied WRs ever, Train A 1:01 and Train 00A 1:52 respectively, both achieved by Rayan, were beaten in the past two weeks. Rayan himself got Train 00A 1:51, after countless 1:52s. And out of nowhere, Clemens got Train Agent 1:00. In case you don’t know, Clemens plays the NTSC version, which has more lag in general compared to the PAL version, making it more difficult to play on laggy levels, such as Train. It’s also good to remember that Rayan’s 1:01 was achieved on PAL, and is the longest standing untied ever (1252 days!). Freaking awesome!

And we also have to mention other players who got WRs since the last update, apart from David and Rayan, Taka, Trent Hovis, Jimmy Bauer, Marc Rützou and our fellow Bryan Bosshardt, who made a comeback tying Depot A 0:25 and Surface 2 A 0:48! Good job all! 😀

Posted: July 29th, 2010
at 11:19pm by Vitor

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Depot Agent 0:25!

Rayan Isran put the 2.X control style to use on Depot Agent and got 0:25! Yeah that’s right, Depot Agent 0:25!!!!. It was thought to be achievable after Ryan White and Isran himself had a conversation in chat, having some ideas of where you could shave some time making 25 possible. Shortly after, Rayan achieved the time, and not too long after that, our fellow David Clemens tied it! Clemens also put the strat into use on SA, getting a nice Depot SA 0:41! (Rayan got 42 first a couple of days before, though). All the videos are below! Check them out:

David Clemens – Depot Agent 0:25
Rayan Isran – Depot Agent 0:25
David Clemens – Depot SA 0:41

Posted: July 4th, 2010
at 12:41pm by Vitor

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