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Longest-standing non-Duel WR BEATEN!

It was June 10, 2001, when Chris “ExpertGamer” Rayola got Defection Agent 0:06, and since then it has long considered to be maxed, even by the very best players to have ever passed through our community. The record stood for 3,435 days…

Today, November 7, 2010 however, Ilari Pekkala did the unthinkable and achieved dataDyne Defection Agent 0:05!

Read the updates in the world record discussion topic, and watch the video provided by Illu himself!

Not to be overlooked is David Clemens, landing an incredible untied of Chicago SA 0:26, taking down a record set by Karl Jobst many years ago! Fantastic job to the both of them!

Posted: November 7th, 2010
at 7:15pm by Jimbo

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