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No activity? Pfft!

Is your bracket dead like the rest of the world’s? Check out the Elite Prediction Madness topic in General Chat to discuss this historic final four and vent about your favorite team’s woes!

We have another meet on the horizon! David Clemens and Alex Anderson will be flying to SWEDEN to join the Euros in another big-time international meet! Details in General Chat.

In the “deal of 2011″, godfather Jon Barber managed to land himself a brand new 1st-party Nintendo controller, upgrading from the one he’s had since 1999. Be on the lookout for Ngamer to score some new Goldeneye PRs and to compete in the Mario Kart 64 tournament in Virginia!

Did your team win the Super Bowl? Mine did! Congratulations to the Green Bay Packers for being the first #6 NFC seed to bring the Lombardi Trophy home!

Opening day for Major League Baseball is April 4, are you ready?! You’ll find Bryan Youse, QB, and Ngamer arguing about who’s pitching rotation is better in General chat (while everyone forgets that San Francisco owned in the playoffs last year).

On a random side note, board admin Scott Abbey bought himself one of the most sought-after pieces of Nintendo merchandise available. The price will not be disclosed, but have a look!

Posted: March 27th, 2011
at 8:36pm by Jimbo

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