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Monumental Milestone for Goldeneye Untieds

If you take a look at the Goldeneye World Record page and browse your way over to the untied section, you’ll note one very unique and very important thing – the top 3 longest standing untieds in the history of the game are ACTIVE RECORDS! Surface 2 00 Agent 1:26 (David Clemens), Statue 00 Agent 2:18 (Bryan Bosshardt), and Jungle Secret Agent 0:53 (Rayan Isran) have risen to the very top of the durability rankings and could continue to stand for a very long time.

After researching the last 10 years of Goldeneye records, this is only the 2nd time something like this has ever happened, and it is especially impressive noting the quality of players who have been active to tie or beat these times since the first record was set in January 2008.

It’s very fitting that each record is held by a different person and legend to the Goldeneye speedrunning annals of history. Congratulations to all 3 of you and good riddance to the rest of us for never coming close to tying these records!

Another special mention goes out to Marc Rutzou, whom after given a set of guidelines and rewards for his time, accomplished Train Agent 0:58! Lets just say there was a prize on the line for achieving this time, which sweetened the deal! (It was actually a very rare controller, but Marc elected to take a cash-prize equivalent instead!)

Nintendo's Millennium 2000 Controller

Posted: November 28th, 2011
at 1:31pm by Jimbo

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