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Milestones galore!

10 years ago, Derek Clark launched as a universal URL all of the speedrunners from both games could call home. 10 years later it is still a very important, very welcoming, and very much alive community and website that has played host to some of the most memorable moments of our lives.

In Perfect Dark, from the days of Snapdragon and Paragon, to Karl Jobst and Randy Buikema, to Your Eliteness and Big Bossman, and finally to Ace and Taka… records have been both shattered and set in stone in a game that has died far too young in comparison with its counterpart made 3 years prior.

In Goldeneye, from Sterling to Steven, to Karl and Randy, to Bryan and Wouter, and finally to Rayan and David… this is the game that primarily has kept the speedrunning community alive as most of the former speedrunners move forward in life not just as gamers, but as friends.

Massive kudos go out to the following people for a variety of reasons:
Derek Clark, webmaster and creator
Jon Barber, elite historian and administrator
Ryan Dwyer, rankings headmaster and creator
Scott Abbey, board administrator and creator
Greg Woll / Quentin Meunier, record historians and page creators
Wouter Jansen, pioneer in the mandatory video-proof movement and credited with taking the elite to the next level in integrity.
David Clemens, Bryan Bosshardt, Rayan Isran, Marc Rutzou, and any other active players who continue to push the limits of the games and refuse to be satisfied with the current records.

So many more credits could be mentioned but would this update would be far too cluttered for such a thing. Thank you to everyone who has ever been associated with the elite for making the last 10 years a wonderful experience and here’s to 10 more! May the games never die and the friendships go on forever!

Posted: April 9th, 2012
at 3:51pm by Jimbo

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