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The July Update – The Countdown to Virginia is ON!

Here we are, officially under 30 days to go until what has become the largest Elite meet and an annual occurrence brings a lot of us together once again. Memorable lifetime moments are created at the lake house, as personalities and competitiveness both mesh together and clash violently both on the big screen, and leisurely around the Elite’s real life bachelor bad. Friends are made and more great players will emerge as the newly-formatted Goldeneye tournament takes place this year. By this time next month, we’ll see if Eddie Lovins can step his game up in 3P-multi and hold his crown as the king of Multiplayer.

In solo news, who else but David Monteith is to highlight the July update? David has posted 7 new PRs in total, including Streets Secret Agent 1:55 and 00 Agent 1:55, giving him his first 300 point stage! David also posted Bunker 1 Agent 0:17, the 27th person to do so; and Facility Agent 0:45, which is insane in its own right, being worth 95 points.

The young gun wasn’t the only one posting new PRs this month. Veteran Australian legend Karl Jobst came roaring back onto the scene, posting Dam Agent 0:53, the 34th player to so do; and Bunker 1 Agent 0:17, the 28th player to do so. Karl also posted some PRs on other levels, likely to get into prime gaming shape for his first trip to the United States and first major international tournament in just about a month! Karl wasn’t the only grizzled veteran to be posting PRs, yours truly is also active; 19 seconds have been cut off of Aztec and a rank was gained in the process. Top 10 player Eddie Lovins posted Caverns 00A 1:41, and Greg Woll improved his Caverns 00 Agent time from something like 3:36 to 1:48! Luke Pettit posted both Facility Secret 0:55 and 00 Agent 0:55. Finally, Bryan Bosshardt followed up Runway SA 0:22 (see below update) with Depot Secret Agent 0:41, and Depot 00 Agent 0:49.

In Perfect Dark, Ilari “Illu” Pekkala’s dominance on Investigation has spilled over to Special Agent, as the record sits at an incredible 2:06. Illu continues to have untied records on both Agent and SA.

The first round of the Elite Summer Contest is nearly over, and boy what a contest it’s been! A huge thank you goes out to the 40 or so participants that consistently vote in every match.

Final note: By this time next month, the Virginia meet will be in progress, so the update will be a few days late. The next update will have all the tournament results and links to the epic recaps … perhaps even YOU could participate next year!

Posted: July 1st, 2012
at 7:20pm by Jimbo

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