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The October Update – Controversial [banned] strats, and….?

Well folks, September was pretty boring. Upon looking at the time history for September 2012, I found a total of TWO new world records, both in Goldeneye. The big topic of the month though centered around the new strat veteran Trent Hovis managed to find through game rage and unorthodox experimentation, and here is a basic explanation of how it works:

It involves taking a 2nd controller apart and plugging it into the 2nd controller port (using whatever style you want, 1.2 for example). If you press on the circuit board a certain way during the fadeout, it freezes the game by making all objects disappear and completely freezes the mission timer while countdowns CONTINUE. The flip-side to this glitch is that anything with a countdown to end the level can be advantageous because “unfreezing” the game as the level fades out will give you a completion at whatever point you froze the level using your controller originally…

It’s basically the equivalent of stomping on your N64 a certain way to get the mission timer to stop at 0:09 and calling it a glitch. This would only be useful on Facility A/SA/00A and Train SA/00A, Aztec 00A for a no-armor run so you don’t have to go back to the vents.

The controversy began when Trent posted some untied records on Train and left us all hanging as to how he pulled off these miraculous untieds (1:22 SA and 1:49 00A). With some whistle-blowing detective work from David Clemens, it was found that hardware manipulation was used to get these times (including Facility Agent 0:43) and subsequently these times were immediately removed from the rankings.

See this topic for more details on everything.

The big new time of the month comes from Marc R├╝tzou, who landed a cool Silo 00 Agent 1:22; David Witten also posted a sweet Archives Agent 0:16, a record I will always be biased for.

On an end note, the Virginia 2012 compilation video is complete and uploaded! The video can be found here.

Posted: October 2nd, 2012
at 12:33am by Jimbo

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