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The November Update – Insane records, new podium player!

October has come and gone. For most of us, it was a time of foliage changing color and cooler temperatures, but boy did the world records stay hot! Not only did both games see some huge activity, but there was a significant change in the point rankings in Goldeneye, as well as some insane untieds by a potential high-profile player. Lets start with the most important stuff from October.

Henning Blom, Goldeneye’s highest-ranked Swede and top 5 overall player, has absolutely dominated the world record topic. Previously known for having sub-standard Depot times, he had suddenly risen to the top of the Depot leaderboards and is well on his way to an untied 300 point stage. Henning posted Depot Agent 0:25 back on October 7, then followed that up by tying David Monteith’s only untied record of Depot Secret Agent 0:40 on October 30; finally, he improved one of his worst times by posting an insane Depot 00 Agent 0:48, tying Bryan Bosshardt, and is well on his way to posting a 0:47 (he has 6 failed 0:48s as of this update). Along with this incredible Depot domination, Henning posted a smooth Streets 00 Agent 1:55. Overall, Henning launched himself over former champion Bryan Bosshardt to assume 3rd place and a spot on the podium for the first time in his career. Henning could easily challenge Rayan Isran‘s #2 spot and has already announced his intentions of getting there, could he perhaps one day challenge the seemingly untouchable David Clemens?

Speaking of the champ David Clemens, it’s worth noting that during a warm-up session in Minnesota just 2 short days ago as of this update, David failed a Frigate SA 1:00 by failing the engine bomb objective… the hostages completed! Henning was *that* close to losing his one and only precious yet insane untied world record to a guy who seems like he can turn it on at any moment. The featured video of David failing 1:00 is below with a live reaction recorded, it is absolutely priceless but heartbreaking to watch.

Next on the insanity list is a little-known player to most casual observers. Luke “Lucky P” Pettit has made himself known as the guy who has insane times, yet never had a world record. While rather interesting, it was a shame that he missed out on Runway Secret Agent 0:23 by a few hours or so after Bryan Bosshardt got 0:22. Luke absolutely smashed this reputation by posting an unexpected and insane Frigate 00 Agent 1:06! To add insult to injury to anyone who ever made fun of his lack of world records, he followed that up by posting a 1:05 on the very same difficulty! This is a bittersweet video to watch, because Luke took a safe strat at the end and waited for Objective A to complete at the boat, leaving it up for nearly a second and almost assuredly giving up 1:04 in the process. Regardless, Pettit did the rare feat of making champion David Clemens lose a record while establising himself as a real player and a threat to the top 10 (and possibly top 5!)

Never to be forgotten, PAL sensation and top 5 player Marc Rützou untied his own record by posting a smooth Train SA 1:23. This record was far out of reach already to NTSC players, but Marc made this record nearly out of reach for anyone by lowering his own record and proving he’s the greatest Train player of all time. Marc also finally got a Bunker 1 Agent 0:17, a record that was a glaring void in his times page up to this point. One must not look past his Aztec 00 Agent 1:41 as well, which was achieved on his way to possibly obliterating the current record of 1:40. This guy is clearly capable of setting any record he wants.

Lastly on the world record front, Perfect Dark saw it’s on share of the action. Bryan Bosshardt, never to be forgotten for his PD accomplishments (including being a former champion), blasted away a former Paragon record by posting a sweet Infiltration PA 1:40. The record likely isn’t quite as impressive as the former Paragon record of 1:52 only because a forgotten shield was left in the game in the Japanese version. Nevertheless, Bryan’s 1:40 gives him a 2 second advantage on his next competitor, Taka. Taka wasn’t completely forgotten this month; he posted a Rescue SA 2:17, tying a record set by David Clemens.

Moving onto the PR front, Jimmy Bauer takes the prize as the player of the month (in my humble opinion, anyway). Jimmy was always known as the guy who wasn’t always around, but when he posted, it was usually an insane PR or WR that took everyone by surprise. This time though, he posted a barrage of PRs that elevated him several ranks in overall time and boosted him solidly into the top 10 in points. Eddie Lovins now holds onto his top 10 spot by a mere 2 points over Dan Cervone! Bauer posted some great PRs like Jungle 00A 0:58, Frigate SA 1:03, Jungle A 0:52, as well as Aztec 00 Agent 1:48 – this being a 44 second cut and an 50 point gainer!

Ilari Pekkala posted a Silo Agent 1:04, Train Agent 1:04, Depot 00A 0:50, and even made the switch to PD for an Attack Ship PA 3:14 (during his chase for the bounty offered to take down the 6 year untied of 3:12). Ryan White has come back with a vengeance by posting some insane Statue times, as well as being the flagship streamer on the elite’s new pursuit of Goldeneye 100% world records (which is currently held by David Clemens). The streams feature Clemens, Ryan White, and Marc Rützou on a consistent basis. The viewer count at times has peaked at over 100!

Lastly, as a shout-out and thank you for hosting an epic meet in Minnesota, I must mention that Dan Edeen is slowly becoming good speedrunner. He spent countless hours for his precious Dam Agent 0:54 and Archives Agent 0:17, both taking a ridiculously long time, but it shows his persistence for these times as he strives to match his Minnesota brethren in skill at the games. This is a guy who buys and sells games on the side for some major extra cash, he’s also a guy who currently owns a Millennium 2000 controller, a Nintendo Power 100 controller, and a DK64 controller! Dan is projected to host a major midwest meet next spring at his new (big!) house, it would be the largest concentration of top-players in the history of the elite. (Hint, we could see 4 of Goldeneye’s top 5 players in one house!)

Posted: November 7th, 2012
at 12:30am by Jimbo

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