Chapter 3: The Age of "Limits"
c. 1998 A.D.

"The groundwork had now been laid what would become the golden era for the golden game. Wes and his boys quickly came to realize that when things truly become international, it's hard to compete. Wes already had his hands full in the management of the site, and his workload was getting ready to grow exponentially. Could he keep up with the demands of his labor of love? And how would he manage the influx of new gamers? And could he compete at the level of Sterling and Steven, or would he fall behind amid the rush of gifted newcomers? Meet these newcomers and relive the GoldenEye's golden era, as Sterling and Steven battle one another, and Wes battles's of the Coe brothers, probably."


WesMcKinn: The Dutch are drawing closer.
Sterlin18: Yea
WesMcKinn: Steven Zwartjes’ latest claims are especially impressive.
Wessels has entered the chat.
Wessels: Steven just got 1:22 Dam SA at my house, first try.
Wessels: :)
WesMcKinn: What??
Sterlin18: No way, bro.
Wessels: Later guys.
Wessels has left the chat.
WesMcKinn: *sigh*
WesMcKinn: I hate it when they do that.
Sterlin18: yea
WesMcKinn: And every time I ask Steven if he’s taping he doesn’t answer.  If I ask Eise he rattles off some indecipherable series of characters and claims it as English.
WesMcKinn: Anyway, looks like Steven is a lock for 2nd place right now.
Sterlin18: I played that like a lot and tried a lot of things and don’t see how u could get that.  I shoot the alarm while strafing and get prefect gates. and i also fire the whole run cuz I think it saves time.  I ran out of kf7 ammo but still took out the gate with the pp7.  I got 1:25, I think 1:24 is possible MAX.  Steven did you shoot all the alarms or just some.  That time is crazy brah.
WesMcKinn:  Um…Sterling.  He left.  And it was Patrick.
Sterlin18: oh
WesMcKinn: Anyway, can you believe some of these records these days Sterling?
Sterlin18: yeah cuz I got em all 
WesMcKinn: Which reminds me, thanks for sending your tape.  I still can’t believe this stuff.
Sterlin18: thx
WesMcKinn: I mean, you don’t even kill anyone on Train 00.  I don’t even feel comfortable adding these times…
WesMcKinn: Just seems like it’s not what the game should be.
CoolDude123 has entered the chat.
CoolDude123: 2:11 Train 00 agent.  On tape.
CoolDude123 has left the room.
Sterlin18: dude!
Sterlin18: Aren’t you going to talk about your run?
WesMcKinn: Haha, 2:11 won’t be reasonable for at least 5 years.  Try a lower lie.
WesMcKinn: Oh, and that’s Garrett Sellati, he posts PRs bi-monthly with no explanation. 
CoolDude123 has entered the chat.
CoolDude123: 2:17 Train 00 agent.  On "tape".
CoolDude123 has left the room.
WesMcKinn: That’s more like it.  I’ll add the time immediately. 
Sterlin18: aw man, wes, do you actually believe that time?  I don’t.
WesMcKinn: Well, I don’t believe any of yours and it didn’t stop me from adding you.
Sterlin18: but you saw my tape bro
WesMcKinn: Your point?
Sterlin18: what?
WesMcKinn: What what?
Sterlin18: …what?
WesMcKinn: Nevermind.
Sterlin18: wat?
WesMcKinn: What happened to the ‘h’?
Sterlin18: wut?
Sterlin18: ur crazy bro :)
Sterlin18: so you think the limits are near?
WesMcKinn:  Must be.  I mean, back when it was just me, Glen, and Mike we killed every guard before the run was over.
WesMcKinn:  In your runs you barely kill any!
Sterlin18: u should just try to PR again.  Like, study my runs and stuff.
WesMcKinn: I guess.
Sterlin18: so ne-way what would you say the 50 limits aer?
WesMcKinn: You mean 60?
Sterlin18: huh? 
WesMcKinn:  Let me see….  Give me a moment and I’ll write them out
Sterlin18: k
Sterling18: there?
Sterlin19: dude?
Stelrin18: where did you go?
Strelin18: HELLO?
Strezizzle18: what is going on!?!
Stalin1939: this sux
WesMcKinn: Dam 0:57 1:25 2:20
Facility 0:51 1:06 2:06
Runway 0:25 0:27 0:42
Surface 1 1:09 1:59 1:59
Bunker 1 0:22 0:56 1:19
Silo 1:11 1:25 19:59
Frigate 1:10 1:18 7:30
Surface 2 1:01 0:57 1:45
Bunker 2 0:27 (wessels is insane) 1:15 4:10
Statue 2:47 2:47 2:47
Archives 0:20 1:01 1:01
Streets 1:19 2:03 2:03
Depot 0:31 0:59 1:29
Train 1:45 2:26 2:17
Jungle 1:10 3:21 17:30
Control 4:15 5:00 5:02
Caverns 1:07 1:55 3:55
Cradle 0:50 1:40 1:45
Aztec 1:31 8:00 45:00
Egyptian (haven’t unlocked) 
Sterlin18: no
WesMcKinn: I told you I was going to be pause to write my limits
Sterlin18: um not sure bout those limits cuz like…I think most of the records on your site are faster already and stuff.
WesMcKinn: Since when are you the expert on rationality?
Sterlin18: just sayin
Sterlin18: and actually some of your own times are faster than those.
WesMcKinn: Interesting...Go on!
WesMcKinn: Not.
Sterlin18: and like you couldn’t even finish Silo in 19:xx cuz the thing would blow up with the fire to make you die 
WesMcKinn: Haha, okay “Mr. 1:54” I’ll take your word for it.
Sterlin18: So like what would you say the craziest record is?
WesMcKinn: 3:21 Jungle secret agent
Sterlin18: what?  I have 1:12.  You have 2:30-something I think.
WesMcKinn: 3:21 will never be broken. 
Jwhalls64: The joke is getting old Derek.  Keep the chat moving. 
MarioKartUpstart: Yeah? Okay. 
TimGreneby85 has entered the room.
TimGreneby85: Hello.
WesMcKinn: Who are you?
TimGreneby85: My name is Tim Greneby.  I would like to join your site.
WesMcKinn: Mmm..okay.  Where are you from?
TimGreneby85: Sweden.
Sterlin18: never heard of it
WesMcKinn: Haha, good one Sterling.
Sterlin18: what?
TimGreneby85: Sweden is a country.
TimGreneby85: My times are here…
WesMcKinn: Wow, your times are pretty good.  Top 10 for sure.
TimGreneby85: Thanks, Wes.  Sterlin18, you’re Sterling Neblett, correct?
Sterlin18: word.
TimGreneby85: Word?  I’m sorry, my English isn’t the best.
Sterlin18: lolz, I’ll say.  Yea, I’m Sterling. 
TimGreneby85: Okay, can I ask a few questions?
Sterlin18: shot
TimGreneby85: What?
Sterlin18: *shoot
WesMcKinn: The De-sterling-izer reports “Ask away, Tim.”
TimGreneby85: Okay…
TimGreneby85: How do you finish Aztec in under 3 minutes?  On agent I just ran without killing anyone and only could get 3:30.
Sterlin18: ok…
Sterlin18: key is warping the wall
TimGreneby85: “warping”?
Sterlin18: yea
Sterlin18: k, here goes…
WesMcKinn: He says you can glitch up the wall (the one in the 2nd room).  This is important because you can go kill Jaws first, then return to where you dropped down and play it through from there.
TimGreneby85: How do you go up the wall?
WesMcKinn: switch to unarmed while strafing against it, turning into the wall.
TimGreneby85: Thanks.
TimGreneby85 has left the chat.
Sterlin18: first kill 3 guys, ar43.  Leave then go to jaws and kill him fast.  Get card and kill some guys and go back to wall.  Go up wall by pressing c-down and c-left while looking up and reloading and shooting while holding reset while unarmed and then you are at the top.  Kill guard on the right (DON'T KILL GUARD ON THE RIGHT) and go to black room.  Kill guars tho maybe not—wound exactly 1.5 guards.  Get disk and then go to exhuast bay and get armor.  Wait 17 seconds wihtout moving.  Run in to end but don’t die!  Hard but be patent and might work. 
WesMcKinn: Um, he left.
Sterlin18: okay tim? Not THAT hard really.  I live 1 in 2
WesMcKinn: You should write your strats down and I’ll put them up on WGR.
Sterlin18: okay
WesMcKinn: We could call it “Secrets of Sterling”
WesMcKinn: “SOS”!  Haha, it’s perfect.
Sterlin18: huh? 
TimGreneby85 has entered the room.
TimGreneby85: 2:25 Aztec agent!!
TimGreneby85: Thanks Wes :)
WesMcKinn: Wait…
TimGreneby85 has left the room.
WesMcKinn: You left less than 2 minutes ago...
Sterlin18: NICE JOB TIM!
WesMcKinn: Dang, he seemed honest too.
Sterlin18: Tim’s time is 2nd fastest behind me
Sterlin18: Steven 3rd
Sterlin18: Eise 4th
Sterlin18: Wessels 5th
Sterlin18: Eise 6th
Sterlin18: Sellati 7th
Sterlin18: Michael Coe 8th
Sterlin18: Damian Coe 9th
Sterlin18: Michael Coe, Jr. 10th
Sterlin18: Helen Coe, 11th
Sterlin18: Robert Klee, 12th
Sterlin18: Wes McKinney, 13th 
Sterlin18: And that’s it.
Sterlin18: where’d you go?
Sterlin18: OMG dude!!! HAHAH….
Sterlin18: There’s some dude named “Harvey Manhood” 
Sterlin18: hahahahahhaha
COME as u r337 has entered the room.
COME as u r337: omfg
COME as u r337: lmfgao
COME as u r337: omfg
COME as u r337: lmfgao
COME as u r337: omfg
SmarterChild has entered the room.
SmarterChild: You are not very nice, COME as u r337.
SmarterChild has left the room.
COME as u r337: omfgilmfgaoabcbbqasdfpwned
COME as u r337 has left the room.
Sterlin18: hahahahah
MarioKartUpstart: That’s no way to talk about Harvey.  “Craig Makepeace” will join in..about 1 year…and that’s kinda funny, too.  Make fun of him instead. 
Sterlin18: k, brah.
Sterlin18: um…Wes?  Were are you?
GoldenGreg007 has entered the room
GoldenGreg007: omfg
GoldenGreg007: lmfgao
GoldenGreg007: omfg
MarioKartUpstart: Sorry Greg, Come stole your sunshine.
GoldenGreg007: lmf—oh :(
MarioKartUpstart: And you’re about 30 seconds late.
GoldenGreg007: d’oh :(
MarioKartUpstart: Don’t worry, you’re time to shine is coming….
GoldenGreg007: okay, cool
GoldenGreg007 has left the room.
Sterlin18: Who is goldengreg?
Sterlin18: MarioKatStrat u there?
Sterlin18: I never saw you log in
Sterlin18: ..yo?
Sterlin18: is anyone there?
WesMcKinn: Sorry Sterling, but Greneby IM’ed me.
Sterlin18: o?
WesMcKinn: He sent me video files of some pretty good times.  He’s for real.
Sterlin18: kewl
WesMcKinn: Though, I asked about 2:25 and he said he taped it…
WesMcKinn: But he can’t find the tape.
WesMcKinn: I was like…”Didn’t you get the time 2 minutes ago?  Did you look in the VCR?”
WesMcKinn: He said he has a ton of tapes and he’s not sure which it’s on.
Sterlin18: oh well
WesMcKinn: Yeah, oh well.
WesMcKinn: I don’t think he’s the type we need to worry about.
Sterlin18: yea
WesMcKinn: Btw, judging by the latest submissions…
WesMcKinn: You’re still #1, but Steven is close behind…
WesMcKinn: Tim may very well be 3rd.
WesMcKinn: which would push Graham Faulds to 4th
WesMcKinn: I might be in the top 20 next update.
Sterlin18: cool
Sterlin18: tho I thought there were only like 25 people.
WesMcKinn: Shut up.
Sterlin18: Who’s in last?
WesMcKinn: Some guy named Robert Klee.
WesMcKinn: He made a strong push though, upping his submitted times total from 3 times to 5.
Sterlin18: lol
Sterlin18: His Aztec agent is faster then you tho, haha
WesMcKinn: Man, you don't even know how close I am to unlocking Aztec, so shut up.
Sterlin18: lol
WesMcKinn: ANYWAY...
WesMcKinn: Some guy named “Jim Barrett” is claiming 1:02s on Caverns agent on GameFAQs.  Not sure if I should add him….
Cyber1166 has entered the room
Sterlin18: no way
Jwhalls64: Okay, I don’t know anything about GE, but I’m pretty sure that doesn’t happen for a few years. 
Cyber1166: wait a minute here... isn’t this 1998?  the GameFAQs boards aren’t even going to exist until just after 9 at night on November 7th of 1999... and even then it’s going to be almost 4 days before the actual first user, Demon of Elru-
MarioKartUpstart: You may both feel free to shut up anytime now.
Cyber1166: noted
Cyber1166 has left the room.
Sterlin18: who are you guys?
WesMcKinn: umm…what??
Sterlin18: “washed up gramar” and “jwhalls”…who r they? 
MarioKartUpstart I won't be getting that SN until after my failed GE career, Sterling. Right now I still think I'm good at Mario Kart 64.
WesMcKinn: I have no idea what you’re talking about right now, sterling.
Sterlin18: am I the only one that sees that mariokart guy and the jwall one?
WesMcKinn: Sterling, I think you’re losing it.
WesMcKinn: Anyway, think you’ll keep Steven behind you?
Sterlin18: as sure as I am that my Bunker 0:18 will never be matched :)
WesMcKinn: Hehe, well I must be going, I've got a math competition to catch.
Sterlin18: math?
WesMcKinn: See you later, Sterling.
Sterlin18: "??
WesMcKinn has left the room.
Sterlin18: lataz 
Sterlin18 skips away.

To be continued...

Coming Soon:
Chapter 4: "The One"

"Wessels knew what he was talking about when he foreboded the coming of a Dutch player who would rise to greatness in the years ahead. Sterling did well to overcome the initial Dutch onslaught. He outlasted Zwartjes, strenghtening his #1 ranking up through late 2000. But just when it appeared Sterling's hold atop the rankings would never be threatened, the GE Elite was shocked when he almost lost it overnight. The challenger? A determined fellow by the name of Wouter."

Written by Derek Clark
With contributions from Jon Barber