Chapter 4: The One
c. late 2000 A.D.

"Wessels knew what he was talking about when he foreboded the coming of a Dutch player who would rise to greatness in the years ahead. Sterling did well to overcome the initial Dutch onslaught. He outlasted Zwartjes, strenghtening his #1 ranking up through late 2000. But just when it appeared Sterling's hold atop the rankings would never be threatened, the GE Elite was shocked when he almost lost it overnight. The challenger? A determined fellow by the name of Wouter."

WesMcKinn has entered the room.
Sterlin18 has entered the room.
Sterlin18: sup? You invited me?
WesMcKinn: Yes, we may have a problem here....
Sterlin18: problem?
WesMcKinn: Yeah, it's about a submission that I got this weekend.
Sterlin18: o?
WesMcKinn: His name is "Wouter Jansen" and if his times are real...
WesMcKinn: well, your #1 may be in jeopardy
Sterlin18: lol "Wooter"
WesMcKinn: Wouter.
WesMcKinn: This is no time for laughter....
Sterlin18: o...
WesMcKinn: If this guy's for real, then....well, the Dutch will have us beat.
Sterlin18: us? Dutch already got you beat, Wes lol
WesMcKinn: shut up. I think I'm ahead of one of them.
Sterlin18: nope.
Sterlin18: So this guy is from Gemrany too
WesMcKinn: What? No, the Netherlands.
Sterlin18: same thing
WesMcKinn: You know...windmills, clogs...
Sterlin18: ...
WesMcKinn: and dikes....
Sterlin18: u said dike lol!
WesMcKinn: I meant embankments used to protect from flooding.
Sterlin18: "dike" hahah..."Wooter" lol
WesMcKinn: You should be concerned, man.
Sterlin18: oh...wut r some of his times?
WesMcKinn: 1:09 Jungle 00 agent stands out...
Sterlin18: I don't kno about that I don't thing its possable...
WesMcKinn: Well, he's claiming it and says he has video proof.
Sterlin18: I got 1:24 and liek I strafed the whole time and only got 3 armors and still barly lived and like..i killed the drones too.
WesMcKinn: He said he didn't get any armor...
Sterlin18: lol
WesMcKinn: heh...well, he'd be a more obvious liar if he said he got the armor and still claimed 1:09. That will NEVER happen.
Sterlin18: tru
WesMcKinn: oh good...he finally signed on.
Sterlin18: let's talk some sense into him
WouterJ007 has entered the room.
WouterJ007: hi :)
WesMcKinn: Hello, Wouter.
Sterlin18: sup wouty
WouterJ007: sterlin18, you are Sterling Neblet?
Sterlin18: yep
WouterJ007: you are very good!
WesMcKinn: Well looks like he might be 2nd soon if you're being honest with us.
WouterJ007: I tell you guys only the truths
Sterlin18: how'd you get 1:09 Jungle 00 agent?
WouterJ007: I survive with no armor....
Sterlin18: yeah, I kno but...that's insane, like there are like...30 guards nlike they all shoot at you and it's real hard.
WesMcKinn: I'm with Sterling.
WouterJ007: Yeah, but if you take good paths and kill right guys, you have much better chance to live!
Sterlin18: it's not that simple tho
WesMcKinn: Seriously.
WouterJ007: well, still hard
Sterlin18: for example, the drone shoots at you, how r u gonna survive that?
WesMcKinn: Seriously!
WouterJ007: :-/...there's no armor near the end anyway, u already survive that on ur run too, no?
Sterlin18: ...
Sterlin18: okay, but you only have 8 bars and ar53 bullets take like 2 and drones 3 so if you get shot....3 times you die and that's unpossible.
Sterlin18: *impossable
WouterJ007: I played it a lot and just got lucky I guess.
WesMcKinn: Haha, that sounds like a liar to me.
Sterlin18: yep :)
WouterJ007: Ummm...I got it on tape and got shot 4 times. First one was gay, dumb guard shoot me cuz he wasn't dead after I shoot him on his gun...
WouterJ007: Xenia shoot me but I still killed her pretty fast (stand close and shoot her)
WouterJ007: Shot two more times near end (one drone) and barely survived...shot few guys near end so lost time. Could get 1:07, maybe 0:58.
WesMcKinn: interesting...
Sterlin18: ur so full of shit bro
WesMcKinn: hehe...
WouterJ007: yeah whatever
WesMcKinn: Well you'd better get that tape in order because there's no way I'm adding you until I see it.
WouterJ007: okay ...
WouterJ007: btw, I use trick where I set Bond to move forward all the time by holding joystick forward and settnig it with L+R+Start.
WesMcKinn: ...What!?
Sterlin18: ?
WouterJ007: like I said it...try it
WesMcKinn: Well no, I get it, but that's ridiculous!
WesMcKinn: And what if you don't want to be moving forward?
WouterJ007: always want to move forward to win :)
WesMcKinn: I'm sorry, but that's cheating.
Sterlin18: yeah bro
WouterJ007: Why? Can't go any faster then normal!
WesMcKinn: Yeah, but it's like a third guiding hand, a "cruise control" of sorts...
WesMcKinn: It's just absurd. It's cheating.
WouterJ007: No. I do it cuz old controller was bad and wouldn't go forward all the way.
Sterlin18: Still cheatin...
WouterJ007: and I use no code or gameshark its all within the games program so why not is it legal?
Sterlin18: cuz like I could cheat and not cheat but like still get new times cuz I kno I was cheating but no one else did.
WesMcKinn: Well, like I said, it's like third-person assistance almost. That joystick-setting thing was not ever intended to aid gaming, this just seems wrong. Almost as wrong as finishing missions without killing every guard like me and Glen used to do back in the day.
WouterJ007: Well, I have to use it if I can get new times cuz my controler is old and gay.
WesMcKinn: Ehh...well, just keep taping and I'll decide for myself once I see those tapes whether or not it's cheating.
Sterlin18: dude, I just checked and you get 1:41 on Silo 00?
WouterJ007: :):):)
Sterlin18: that's sick dude, how'd you do that?
WesMcKinn: Cruise control.
Sterlin18: Well?
Sterlin18: dude? Wooooter?
WesMcKinn: I think he's typing.
WouterJ007: Well I strafe to the end and put the plastiques where the walls are not but don't get armor and still live..ourumov had sex with the guard I think and I run past him but still stuck a little near computer. Get all the card things and then go to elevator before guads shoot me (though they chase me :), hehe) and then 1:41 :):)
WesMcKinn: What?
Sterlin18: k, makes sense
Sterlin18: here's what I do...
WesMcKinn: That did not make sense.
WouterJ007: Thanks Sterling :)
Sterlin18: First, turn left. Kill guard but not one behind cuz he opens door for guards behind you. Kill scientist without keycard, leave room. Turn and throw plastic in the room ON THE RAILING BY THE GUARD IN THE MIDDLE. Same in next room but blow up computers to kill guards. Put two plastics in this room to be sure, one on each side (near floor). Get DAT and don't kill any guards. Switch to PP7. Shoot at Satellite then take out camera and take picture. Pause, take out plastic and throw on satellite. Pause again and get cam and take EXACTLY TWO more picts. Switch to kf7 and shoot at ourumov's briefacse. Run AROUND comps and into elevator. 1:54 :)
WesMcKinn: ........WHAT?
WouterJ007: Cool, good idea on the guard by the comp thing. But if you use kf7 to kill that guard, scientist give you secret key instead :)
Sterlin18: kewl..
WesMcKinn: "secret key"..?
Sterlin18: but how do you live without armor?
WouterJ007: I play a lot :-/...I work on strat to not die so much but still guards are dumb and kill me most times. 1:41 is good though :)
Sterlin18: yeah, REAL good.
WesMcKinn: Are you guys communicating telepathically or something, because I have no idea what's going on.
Sterlin18: tele-what?
WouterJ007: telepelathical??
WesMcKinn: Nevermind. Continue.
Sterlin18: wanna come over my house and play GE wouty?
WouterJ007: :) k, just gotta finish clean my room and walk the dog and I'll come
WesMcKinn: I quit.
WesMcKinn has left the room.
WouterJ007: what got up his dress?
Sterlin18: lol
WouterJ007: lol
Sterlin18: Wes is just bad at Goldeneye.
WouterJ007: yeah
WouterJ007: think he'll accept me on the GE records?
Sterlin18: prolly not
WouterJ007: :(
Sterlin18: you know, I'm supposed to be arguing with you right now
WouterJ007: why?
Sterlin18: cuz when all this actually happened, I hated you and you hated me
WouterJ007: oh? Why?
Sterlin18: cuz your times were better than me
WouterJ007: Oh..hehe. Yeah, you suck.
Sterlin18: no way bro, like you use that curious control thing or whatever Wes said and that's cheating dude. Your times are bullshit anyway as if you could live on silo without armor
WouterJ007: No I use the tape on my VCR every run and you see too that my times are real and fast. I use good strat and find way to make perfect run. You are just mad cuz you know your not the best.
Sterlin18: man, fuck you dike-boy, you probably never played GE before. If it was up to me you'd never get added. Wes probly won't add you anyway cuz your joystick cheating bullshit so fuck u liar fag.
Sterlin18: its on u
WouterJ007: Well bad news, Dutch champ on the way sorry nebbles. My times are real.
Sterlin18: you'll never get added.
WouterJ007: we'll see.
WouterJ007: you are none of the world's best contender
WouterJ007 has left the room.
Sterlin18: man, what bullshit. "crush control" wtf is that shit man what a cheater 1:41 silo my ass man fuck that cuz like if his times are real then theres no point for me to play ever again.
Sterlin18: you kno?
Sterlin18: oh.
Sterlin18 has left the room.

And so the Great Rivalry was born. Soon Wouter would report 0:57s on Archives and was met with a new level of time-doubting, name-calling, and collective ostracizing from Wes, Sterling, and company. A rift formed in the WGR between Wouter believers and Wouter haters (Europeans and Americans, basically). In a few months Wes would receive Wouter's tape and start distributing video files of Wouter's times, laughing off his completions as the product of "cruise control" and nothing more. But a closer look and you could see that Wes was a defeated man, his spirit broken. This effectively marked the end of Wes's GE career.

When Wouter was finally added around the turn of 2001, he was only a few points shy of GE's great champion, Sterling Neblett. For the first time Sterling was vulnerable, and soon the GE community would have to watch their hero's legend erode, as Sterling would have to make room for the greatest GoldenEye player we've yet to see, Wouter Jansen. Although Wouter's entrance inspired new competitive spirit in Sterling, the mighty Wouter would eventually break his will, too, resigning him to the depths of the "great champions" of the GE past.

Wouter's arrival marked the clear turning point in the history of the GoldenEye Elite, when old champions fell and a new champion took his foothold atop the rankings, never to relinquish his glory (if we ignore the whole Bosshardt thing, lolerz!).

To be continued...

Coming (Very) Soon:
Chapter 5: "The Upstart Finds His Home"

"I was a n00b once, you know. No one is ever given power or respect; it must be earned. Before I helped build this empire we proudly call "The Elite", I was busy slaving away to get PRs and up my street rep. Slowly, but surely, I moved up the ladder of status. With the aid of my of my gaming ally, the mighty Greg Woll, the path to prominence grew more lucid.... They said we couldn't do it, but alas, we would spam our way right to the top.

So allow me to jump back a year or so on our timeline and tell you a tale. A tale fraught with peril, determination, vindication, romance(?), some poor GoldenEye playing, a LOT of Ruokai Chen flaming, and ...a few dead Dutchmen."

Written by Derek Clark
With contributions from Jon Barber