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Last Updated: July 28, 2002 11:45 AM CT

Run by Jon Barber (Ngamer64), Chris Rayola (ExpertGamer64), and Greg Lavery (captZEEbo)

Welcome to the LTK Ranking Home Page. I'm sure you have many questions, such as what LTK is and how to join. LTK stands for License to Kill, the one shot one kill mode that was available in Goldeneye's multiplayer. Back in the days of Goldeneye, some of the world's best players, feeling that 00 Agent wasn't challenging enough, decided that using the 007 level editor, they would raise the difficulty so that everyone, friend or foe, would die in one hit. However, they added another perk... They gave the enemies 100% accuracy, meaning that if an enemy even fired a single shot while you were out in the open, that was the end of Bond... Well, now that PD has been out for a while, some of the best PD players I know, as well as I, have decided to recreate LTK mode for Perfect Dark, in an effort to see how many levels we can complete, and how fast we can complete them. Interested in joining us on our crazy trek?

Here's the info you'll need: Rules

1) The use of cheats, push button codes (if any are ever dicovered/release), and/or GameSharks/Pro Action Replay is not allowed.
2) You must have Perfect Dark difficulty available on your game (finish the 17 regular missions on PA to activate it).
3) Here are the settings you must use: Enemy Health: 10%, Enemy Damage: 1000%, and Enemy Accuracy: 1000%
4) The only exception to Rule 3 is Mr. Blonde's Revenge, where Enemy Health is 11%. (when you disarm cass, she'll die at 10% Enemy Health)
5) For the Time Rankings, every uncompleted stage adds twenty (20) minutes to your time.
6) For the Point Rankings, 1st place gets 20 points, 2nd gets 17. 3rd gets 15, 4th gets 14, etc. People who have not completed the stage get no points.
7) If you are caught lying, or if you break any of these rules on purpose, then all your times will be removed.

Comments? Questions? E-mail us!

The LTK World Records

LTK Message Board
Stage World Record Holder Fastest Time
dataDyne Central - Defection Marcus Dolejsi 1:30
dataDyne Research - Investigation Josh Fronkner 4:29
dataDyne Central - Extraction Justin Thomas 2:47
Carrington Villa - Hostage One Matt Cook 2:49
Chicago - Stealth Marcus Dolejsi 0:36
G5 Building - Reconnaissance Greg Lavery 1:24
Area 51 - Infiltration Justin Thomas 4:50
Area 51 - Rescue Marcus Dolejsi 4:24
Area 51 - Escape Marcus Dolejsi 4:18
Air Base - Espionage Vitor Miranda 2:31
Air Force One - Antiterrorism Greg Lavery 1:32
Crash Site - Confrontation Scott Berger 2:18
Pelagic II - Exploration Justin Thomas 2:38
Deep Sea - Nullify Threat Justin Thomas 5:30
Carrington Institute - Defense Matt Cook 2:05
Attack Ship - Covert Assault Justin Thomas 4:39
Skedar Ruins - Battle Shrine Chris Rayola 1:46
Mr. Blonde's Revenge Greg Lavery 1:48
Maian SOS Dirk Olson 3:36
WAR! Chris Rayola 1:08
The Duel Ben Gorman 0:09
Total Time TAKEOVER TIME 56:47


Click HERE to see the what it looked like before people played LTK for 10 minutes.

Ngamer, Zeebo, and Expert will work together to update the World Records and Total Time. We used to run basic rankings, but that sort of fell apart... You can check the old ranks below if you'd like.

The LTK Rankings Page

Would you like to join the LTK Elite? It's simple to do, just send an E-mail to the LTK webMasters with your name and time for every level you have completed, and we will add you! Also, mail us all your new times once you do get in.

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