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A new kind of publicity

June 21st, 2005 at 10:26pm by Derek

Okay, so we’ve had a few random mentions in magazines and on radio shows and other miscellaneous crap, but I think we all knew that these events were novelties at best. Well, as of this week, may’ve hit a true milestone in the realm of publicity. After being contacted by a fellow named Stephen Totilo, has received mention in an article about speed gaming on The article focuses heavily on our friends, the Speed Demos Archive, the very guys who (generously) host our speed runs. Perhaps more intriguingly, Stephen asked me to keep in contact with him, as he specializes in gaming at Cool, no? If you think you have any ideas that Stephen might like, send them my way and I’ll pass it along (within reason). I think we’re conscious of most everything that goes on in the console gaming world, so let’s use that to… corner the market on console gaming, i.e… whore ourselves out some more. Or help the MTV guy keep his job; whichever.

In the meantime, the Summer Contest is breaking all kinds of records for participation, so keep it up guys. Studio audience, lock in those votes….*suspenseful music*

Posted: June 21st, 2005
at 10:26pm by Derek

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  • Ngamer

    Great stuff! That was actually a well-written and knowledgeable article, I’m impressed. For anyone too lazy to click the link above, this is what was said about t-e.n:

    Pflug started his current site in 2004 and soon he was attracting the work of gamers like Damiani, the "Zelda" aficionado. He also started linking to other sites in the scene, such as, whose members burn through the shooters "GoldenEye" and "Perfect Dark" while exploiting a time-saving routine that has their rushing character’s first-person view almost always focused down on the floor.

    The Elite site, like Pflug’s, includes bold warnings against cheaters. After all, even in these types of races, some players are looking for artificial enhancements.

    I wish he would have mentioned the emulated Mario 3 run that became such an internet sensation after being hosted on ebaum’s last year, and the fact that it was NOT the kind of "speed run" that either Radix or ourselves are interested in. Because at the moment, that’s probably the first thing people think of when they hear "gaming speed run."

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  • Andrew

    ^^ You’re right there Jon. Am I right in thinking that the SMB3 run was done at a slow rate and sped up later? Oddly the people I talk to seem to know as much of the 5’09" SMB1 run as that. :) Fingers crossed we attract more unique hits.

  • Ngamer

    It wasn’t that he just played it in slow-mo… it was an attempt at a frame for frame perfect run. So not only was it "slow," but he had autosaves every second, so whenever he made the slightest mistake he would go back one second and do it right. If I recall, there were over 10,000 seperate "runs" pasted together off the back of another autosave to create what you see there.

  • Andrew

    Wow, that is fabricated! I’ll wager that it was left out intentionally, so as to avoid giving it more publicity. is the home of the world's fastest GoldenEye and Perfect Dark speedruns.

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