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A small sign of life

Hey there! What’s going on? It’s been way too long ago since I have been around here. I am sure you all still remember me. If not, you are seriously suffering from dementia. It’s great to see this place being pretty active, with new members coming, the old guards still being active and GE/PD records are continuing to fall like dominos.

First of all, I am sorry for being so inactive as a staffmember. Lots of things have been happening in the mean time and the combination of interest and time has gradually slipped away. It’s a process many of us have been confronted with. Right now, I am still occupied by college, work and soccer. I conquered the third consecutive heavy sports injury in 2,5 years and bought a brand new pc a few months ago. I still haven’t installed AIM, that’s one of the next few things on my agenda to do. The only (pc)game I have been playing recently is Rome:Total War, I am sure you heard of it. As for Nintendo, I am eagerly waiting for the new Zelda game to come in the second quarter of this year. As for GoldenEye and Perfect Dark, well, that’s been over 13 months ago. My last GE record dates from 18 December 2003; Statue 00A 2:23. My last newspost has been over 6 months ago (early June 2004).

Nevertheless, the site I invested so much time in to get it as where it stands today has always been my frontpage and it will remain that way. I am really glad the movies section is in reliable hands now. I really lost the amount of times we needed to change from server in the past and the days it verged to reorganise every single movie. I regularly check the boards and I am really grateful for the lifetime achievement award in The Elite 2004 Nominations. Thanks guys!

I still have flashbacks from the great old days, I commemorate the great chatting moments on AIM and the discussions on the boards. There’s certainly a lot of nostalgia left. It’s funny and strange at the same time to see how things have changed so much over time. I really feel like getting back into action for the rankings, but I have simply grown away too much from competing for records. Perhaps, one day I will trip by the wire of one of my controllers…

As for my role as a staffmember, I promised myself to undertake what I possibly can to make this place even better! I enjoyed writing this post like I have never been away. I hope to meet you soon again on AIM. Take care and remember, always eat your green veggies…

Posted: January 24th, 2005
at 10:11am by Matthijs

Categories: Uncategorized

Comments: 17 comments

  • dan

    Matt is the best! :D

  • Derek

    Matthijs! I will eat my green veggies with earnest.

  • come


    Welcome back Hammy boy!!!

    Clark, stop throwing broccoli at me!

  • bcks

    Sweet, Matthijs is back.:)

  • Ngamer

    Huzzah for this! Long live Matt!

  • Woll

    matthijs!!! hi my local dutch hero! :D

  • adam

    Matt!!! <3 :)

  • Thomas

    Hi Matt!

  • Bryan Bosshardt

    Great to see you back!

  • Shadow

    Yes Matt, I know exactly how you feel with competition. There are some days where I feel as though I could just sit at a level and play for hours and then there are others where I couldn’t even touch a game! I was never very high in competition, after I got my "former" record of 23 Runway Agent *glares at Bryan :D * I was pretty much through for the time, I never stay long with one game anyway. But since then I HAVE felt the urge to pick up again and you may get that someday too! We’ll all be waiting, you’re a much more talented player than I could ever hope to be!

    And I second your thoughts on the new Zelda game. This Minish Cap was very decent in my opinion but I’m very excited about the new one for the GameCube, this is the one I’ve been waiting for since Ocarina of Time! If it means that the game will be all the better though, I can wait until next year, just give me something good please! Welcome back Matt. ;)

  • Youse

    I love you, man.

  • Andrew

    Good to know you’ve recovered from your soccer-related injury. Must have taken lots of work. :cool:

    PS, I like broccoli! :laugh:

  • Matthijs

    Wow, the feedback is overwhelming. Thanks guys for the warm welcome!

    And, yes, broccoli rules pretty much, especially covered with melted cheese!

  • bcks

    I eat my broccoli with ketchup. :O

  • Derek Clark

    I’m stickin’ with the melted cheese….

  • Eise Smit

    Of course he is back.. He is a dutchman.. Dutch people never quit :D


  • Adam Moore

    It’s great to see you back Matt, and playing Frigate of all things ;)


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