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Greg Lavery, for being a reliable site partner
Jon Barber, for keeping the site interesting with your pages
Breck Fresen, for massive assistance in the N64 movies project.
Alexandre Gimenez, for offering his free server space for our use
Bryan Youse, for continued support and assistance
Matthijs ten Ham, for being himself


"Derek, your page sucks. You're wasting your time. We don't love you."
- friends and family

"HOLY @#%$ DEREK!!!!!! that has to be like the greatest web page ever made...soooo awesome ) didn't get to see it in a's freakin sweet now...haha keep up the good work!!!"
- Ryan Honkonen, referring to GE WR site.

"well you managed to reinvent the wheel with the GE site"
- Kevin Booth, MK64

"Your pages look awesome derek, I wish I could even think of designs like that"
- "octoinky"

" looks superb...a good and fabulous designed website..."
- Matthijs ten Ham, GE

"You really made this page beautifull, guys. Out of words... "
- Martijn Kool, GE

"man.....this website is like the gift that keeps on giving.....i am finding all these new links that i didn't see the first time around..."
- Ryan Honkonen, GE/PD

"you're reactivating old players -there isn't anything more to say, i think"
- Valentin Zuckovsky, GE

"If were a woman, I would have married it months ago."
- Paddy Johannessen, GE/PD
(hey, no one said's parents would agree to this.)

Breckish: I would say that when I'm on my computer, I check about every 10 minutes or so for updates
Breckish: I find them most amusing

- Breck Fresen, GE/PD

"One hell of a GoldenEye site with regular updates. If you like single player GoldenEye then this is a "must see.""
- Graham Dingsdale,

"An amazingly well done site."

"Ever since I first saw the site way back in April it's been wire-to-wire kick-a** material and it's only getting better! Keep up the great work - the 'Net needs more great sites like these, they give it a good name! ;)
And that's the honest to Zwartjes truth too! Man, all this stuff dedicated to one game genre on one system is just a smashing achievement."

- Andrew Kent, Gamer/N64HS Updater

"I mean, as soon as it has links to and I won't even need to type in the address bar." - Consider it done!
- Neo, Multiple games

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