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Classic Elite Photos

So Jimbo has been talking about presenting some sort of gallery of insane pics from the Elite. I am interested in the idea, so I posted some community-related pictures I’ve been whoarding over the years that I think are novel. You can see them here:—/classic/ (download the zip if you don’t want to go one by one. it contains a terrible trojan though.)

Please share some of your favorites and I’ll add them to the collection. We’ll figure out something interesting to do with them.

Posted: November 8th, 2009
at 2:23am by Derek

Categories: Uncategorized

Comments: 8 comments

  • bcks

    Why would you put a zip up with a Trojan in it? Can you remove the zip in case idiots don’t run that and just download it?, or perhaps weed out the Trojan and re-post a Trojan free zip. That just seems odd that someone would post and link something like that, knowing full well, it might fuck someones computer up. Come on Derek, you can fix it/make it better.

  • Sterling

    Agree with bcks, also whats up with the spelling errors? I love that the second bond blue cartridge is in the


  • Third

    That’s TWINE in the trashcan, haha.

  • Derek

    Hehe yup.

    I updated the post per the above concerns…. and of course there is no trojan, I’m not a maniac.

  • Red Bull

    I was about to say.. that was an obvious joke.

  • Robbie Williams

    Well it is Brandon and Sterling we’re talking about here….

  • Cara

    hi guise

  • AdmiralSmit

    I doubt Sterling even knows what a Trojan is :D !


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