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Cradle Dark LTK: DONE!! 19/20 now!

We’ve been following the great journey about how would it be possible to beat Cradle on the Dark LTK settings, discussing strats, testing new possibilities etc. And like if it was out of nowhere, Eddie Lovins completed the level in 1:47!!! Yeah you’ve read it right. 1:47! Props to Henrik Norgren who also completed the level in 1:45 a little later, without knowing about Eddie’s strat! How amazing is that! We really can’t do anything here but congratulate both players for their accomplishments, and also props to all the DLTK players who contributed to the strat! (read more about it here).

Eddie Lovins – Cradle Dark LTK 1:47
Eddie Lovins – Cradle Dark LTK 1:21 death

Now, leaving all the talk aside, watch these two videos above. One is the 1:47 completion from Eddie, and the other one is a 1:21 death where Trev blew himself up the fastest way possible! Unfortunaly there was a guard on the way :( SILO DARK LTK, HERE WE GO!

Posted: January 20th, 2010
at 4:32pm by Vitor

Categories: Dark LTK,GoldenEye,Video

Comments: 1 comment

  • Eise Smit

    Silo must be so fucking hard to complete DTLK. Especially since there is tons of guard and a timer to boot!

    Good luck to anyone attempting it though!


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