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Elite reborn!

October 31st, 2004 at 3:27pm by Derek

Hey everyone, we’re back! As you can see, I’ve made a variety of changes and modifications to the site. The HTML, style sheets, and scripts have all been rewritten/added (I encourage you to view any source code you want, it’s all nice, organized, and valid this time.) Also, the site is FireFox friendly now.

Outdated and defunct links have been removed, and a few new ones added. The recently uploaded PD Videos are now linked wherever applicable, with credit given to our new affiliates, The German Gaming Elite. From now on, we’ll acknowledge certain sites as being affiliates instead of simply linking them (I’m in the process of trying to acquire link buttons to each of the sites listed in the affiliates table that don’t already have one).

As you can probably tell, we have a new news client, Greymatter. We’re retaining all the perks of Coranto (archiving and whatnot), with the addition of the option of user commenting. Try it! Any time you want to directly comment an item in the news, just click reply “Comments” and leave a remark. You can remain anonymous if you wish.

I think that about wraps things up. If you encounter any problems with the new interface, email me so I can make revisions asap. I made a ton of changes, so I’m sure there were a few overlooks mixed in there. Otherwise, don’t bug me for a while, I’ve been working on these a lot the last few weeks :plain: I’ll get to doing the fake chat and rage update …when I feel like it. I probably should return some focus to my classes for a while!

Posted: October 31st, 2004
at 3:27pm by Derek

Categories: Uncategorized

Comments: 21 comments

  • rshepherd1000

    #1 yeah!

    great update guys

  • TreAKAHotdog


    It’s nice.

  • Cervone

    Looks great!

    This comments page appears to me as unformatted, though.

  • Derek

    Yeah, the style sheet isn’t linked to this page currently, working on it.

  • SamSim

    I think the problem is the "elite.css" part of your stylesheet tag… you could either prefix it with "../" to go up a directory (or maybe "../../", I’m not sure how many layers down this particular page is), or do what I do on my Geocities site – I have about a billion pages all linking to the same stylesheet from varying depths, so I’d just hard-code the "" on every page so you don’t have to worry about it.

  • Derek

    Smart thinking :) I had most everything hard-coded actually, but the style sheet was an overlook. Thanks Sam!

  • The Ngamer

    Atta boy Sam!

  • bcks

    Those huge smily’s scare me(at the top of the page), and are werid looking. :crazy:

  • Derek

    They are watching you.

  • The Shadow

    Finally! An update! I’ve not visited the boards so I didn’t know what was going on.
    The new look is great Derek! Very nice and you put a lot of work into it, thank you very much! I like the comments feature also, though hopefully most comments will be more sensible than this……

  • Come

    The site looks awesome, Derek.. definitely a change for the better. Of course I’m taking note of minor things that need fixing/adjusting, but I’ll keep them to myself until you’re completely bogged down with school, just to make your life worse. (J/KLOL<3you) You know where to catch me if I can actually help you with anything on the site, and it’d be an honor if I could. L8rWTFBBQhamster???

  • Derek

    Come, feel free to run the site through HTML validators or whatever you feel like doing. I encourage people to report problems (though not look) for them…I’d like this site to be as error-free as possible. Come, did you notice you got mention at the bottom of the page? So did you Mark :) Thank you both for your help.

    And Logan, glad you like the changes. Nice hearing from you :satisfied:

  • Nodjo

    Some websites evolve, others die. is evolving, thank you derek! I also like your copyright since 1863 :doze:

  • Mark

    Nice work Derek. I’m glad our (mostly your) hard work paid off. Greymatter > All. The site looks great.

  • come

    Heh, Yeah, I noticed that. The things I’ve noticed aren’t really problems, just some things that could be fixed (nothing major). I’m planning on undertaking one of the tasks myself sometime today anyways, so yeah, coconuts.

  • Derek’s Mom

    He’s such a nice boy! It’s such a nice site!

  • Derek’s Dad

    I’m glad to see the boy finally doing something worth-while with his time!

    This is the first time he’s done something right!

  • Thomas

    Very nicely done Derek. No criticisms for you or the site, just for Alex


  • Bryan Bosshardt

    Very nice job. 😀

  • Din Mor

    Yeah, almost as nice as Fal’s mor :hehe:

  • בידסון ישראל

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