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Elite stats

Hey guys, just wanted you to know I’m still alive. Today I come bearing… statistics! Basically, I investigated our standing with search engines, and came back with surprises both good and bed. Firstly, our Google page rank is at 5 currently, which is *very* reputable. For example, TheFacebook is a 6, and Ebaum’s World is a 7. Also, there are approximately 400 links to from other sites, which has a lot to do with our solid page rank. I used search engine optimizing software at work to arrive at these numbers and the following; here are all the meta keywords that generated a top 50 result for either Google, MSN, or Yahoo:

The Elite's Search Engine Statistics

Posted: June 11th, 2005
at 5:34pm by Derek

Categories: Uncategorized

Comments: 11 comments

  • Ax

    lol @ w00l

  • Nodjo

    "jimbo is gay"=>
    11 11 10


  • dan

    cool stuff. Just for the record, whenever i want the elite and don’t feel like typing the url, i type "teh elite" (no quotations) into google and it’s the first page. ;)

  • Andrew

    Typing my name into Google brings up the GE LTK page at #34. But on Yahoo the best we’ve got is the GE Dark LTK page at #54. I gave up on MSN after about 150. :plain: Although apparently I’m an Anime Subtitling dude, a wrestler, AND died at the Alamo in 1836. :hehe:

  • SamSim

    That "Gefilte Fist" website is a piece of genius, guys

  • Expert

    My name comes up first on all 3 search engines … *disappears into the shadows*

  • Derek

    ^^ Like Gefilte Fist, eh? It’s not often I find myself staring squarely into the eyes of greatness. Proud to share it….

  • Snap

    Derek, you should join that band.

  • Derek

    I have talked to them; you never know….

  • Senor Feces

    Hello fellas! Must be nice to post things about the band Gefilte Fist! I am Senor Feces, bassist and bitch screamer for Gefilte Fist. Thank you for the kind words on our "music". Please help spread the word of Gefilte Fist (!

    Some "songs" of ours you might enjoy are on the following page:

    I would suggest listening to the following songs:

    5. Fag
    27. Trailer Varmit Bitch
    57. Somebody Scream Like A Bitch
    76. Im Finna Gone Grocery Shopping
    81. The Feelgood Song Of The Summer

    Don’t just listen! Now you can review the "music" that you just heard! How you say? By clicking on the the white text that reads "0 View". I would much appreciate hearing your feedback.

    Thank you,
    Senor Feces

  • Derek

    Today is a good day.


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