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Fake Chat #4

December 7th, 2004 at 3:12pm by Derek

Well, with exams finally out of the way, I took some time and finally got the belated 4th installment of Elite fake chat series online! Even better, I went ahead and prepared part 5*, too, so whenever you guys are ready for that just let me know and I’ll release it :) In the meantime, dive into the current chapter, “The One”, which is a microcosm of Wouter’s controversial arrival here at the Elite. Hope you enjoy!

*Note: Part 5 is somewhat of a bonus segment. It concludes what I have written so far. It is doubtful that I’ll ever continue my facetious little chronology of the Elite, but I’m not ruling it out!

Posted: December 7th, 2004
at 3:12pm by Derek

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Comments: 9 comments

  • Axel

    YAY! Been looking forward to this

  • streling

    wtf, dat fake caht semen so reel derek

    good work man

  • Bryan Bosshardt

    What will be the main topics of the next several chapters? How many total will there be?

  • Derek

    I wrote one massive chat this time last year. Basically where we’re at now is as far as the chronology before I stopped.

    If I ever continued, the next story would be about when the PD guys came over to the GE Elite and raped us.

    But, again, I must stress that’s unlikely I’ll get to writing more (any time soon, at least)

  • Thomas

    Why should it just be you and Jon? Some of the more tenured members could help out. . .

  • Ngamer

    I don’t know, a group project approach seems to work better for something along the lines of the pwnion… Whalls maybe had a few things suggested to him along the way, but Kart’s Fake Chat was always his baby in the end, just as the Elite’s has been Clark. And I have to stress that I only pointed out a few things here and there, the entire thing was written in at least a rough draft format before I ever saw it. Aside from one or two things, the humor present is Clark all the way.

  • Derek

    Yeah, it’s a tough thing to break into modules for a team to work on. It’s a creative work that just kinda came a I wrote. The only help people can offer is suggesting ideas (basically inside humor to work in). But am backlogged with so many unused ideas right now that I don’t want anymore!

  • Boris Dubbeldam

    Once again, hilarious stuff! I must say, some of the lines in those chat sessions really made me laugh out loud, Wes & Sterling make a great comic duo. It’s a shame you’re not continuing with it, but I *guess* you’re allowed to decide what you do with your own time… just this once, heh. Anyway, thanks for the laughs.

  • Derek

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