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How Very Strange…

May 1st, 2005 at 6:58pm by Ngamer

Just this afternoon, a mysterious image appeared on my desktop. I can only assume it has something to do with the future of the Elite… but what?

How Very Strange...

Perhaps some light will be shed on this profound mystery on Sunday, May 15th. We can only hope…

Posted: May 1st, 2005
at 6:58pm by Ngamer

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Comments: 41 comments

  • dan

    dan says stand up and clapp.

  • joe

    Looks like the wild things from "Where the Wild Things Roam" and Meatwad team up to eat eggs.

  • Ngamer

    Hm… could be… but what’s going on on the left, I wonder?

  • matt8000

    looks like coinage to me

  • Derek


  • Illu

    I’ve seen that animal and that guy sitting on top of it when I was like 7 or 8 years old. I think it was in school and brings back some memories, don’t remember at all what it was all about, just remember seeing it somewhere.

  • Your Eliteness

    Oh my, this is eggsciting! Who knows what to eggspect on May 15? I’m sure it will be eggscellent, whatever it is.

  • Thomas

    Isn’t it obvious? He’s beefing up on eggs to ride a Wild Thing that goes to coins!

  • Ngamer

    An interesting proposal in Chat just now…

    Stickmansam 1024 (1:15:40 PM): it looks disturbingly like The Elite Dot Net: The Webcomic
    Stickmansam 1024 (1:16:03 PM): or possibly The Opera

  • Ngamer

    Tyle may be on to something here.

    Ne me sis 7 8 91 (5:32:07 PM): As for the picture
    Ne me sis 7 8 91 (5:32:12 PM): Something looks familiar about it.
    Ne me sis 7 8 91 (5:32:36 PM): But I think Jon is going to start feeding mustard to his dog.

  • Andrew

    I think I know. Jon is popping eckies. Hmmm, no that’s not it. :hehe: Jon is going into a web-mosaic designing business? Yeah, that’ll do. :satisfied:

  • mikerspd

    I’m pretty sure Jon just posted some of his porn, and he’s going to announce on May15th that he’s a pedo-bestial-carnophile (one who likes to have sex with children, animals, and meat-based products).

  • matt8000

    and coins.

  • Tomuz

    I distinctly see 4 different images in this picture. This might have something to do with the 4 divisions in this year’s Summer Contest!

    Bingo! :crazy:

  • Ngamer

    Whater Whatest?

    Wow, that idea seems pretty far out there… how could these pictures possibly relate to a March Madness-style bracket?

  • Karl

    Jon likes to have sex with men

  • Ngamer

    That’s a half-truth and you know it!

  • Derek

    Are you saying you didn’t like it? :(

  • Andrew

    No Derek, he’s just saying he liked one half of it. I don’t care to know which half. :confused:

  • octo

    It’ll be a best THING ever. 4 divisions.. countries, books, TV shows, and food! I GOT IT!!!!

  • Ngamer

    Ah, so coin = COINuntries.. not bad, I like it. Maybe that’s it after all.

  • Durk

    Why does the egg look like it’s square? :plain:

  • Ngamer

    It’s another summer contest guys, sorry about the anticipation.

  • Tom-ass

    Like I said, I called it!

  • matt8000

    so it *could* still be a summer contest… but maybe not… :confused:

  • Ngamer

    I’ll bet Jon engineered the entire thing. Maybe the whole thing is an advert for his new address, "".

  • Thomas Andrews i5 teh sux0rz

    says it all really :hehe: :plain: :rolleyes: :satisfied: :crazy:

  • Ngamer

    It is definetly a summer contest but the rankings on the summer contest will define the rankings for Goldeneye and Perfect Dark, whick rankings they affect depend on the divisions, which is where the image comes in, the 4 distinct pictures represent the 5 divisions. It will be explained in detail tommorow.

  • Ngamer

    Ah! Typo. I meant to say the pictures represent the 5 divisions.

  • Ngamer

    Twice bitten. I meant 4 divisions, not 5, 4, 4 is right beside 5 you see, it is an easy enough mistake to make, maybe I’m slipping and the whole of the-elite dot net is doomed!

  • Thomas

    I’m pretty sure I said that!

  • Ngamer

    That last Ngamer was an IMPOSTER! If you check carefully, you’ll notice that there is something fishy about his e-mail address.

  • Ngamer

    You are quite the astute one Thomas. But you only said half of the donut.

  • d’oh

    Mmmmm, doughnut

  • NGamer

    Soooooooooo many Ngamers. :crazy:

    PS: I’m fake!

  • ngamer

    Cool, I’m fake as well. :)

  • Ngayer

    Cool, I’m gay!

  • Ngayer

    Cool, I’m gayer!

  • Ngeyer

    Cool, I’m gey!

  • Jon

    What does that say about me? Oh noes! :hehe:

    I’m Ngamer
    Yes I’m the real gamer
    All you other Ngamers
    Are just being gayer.

  • Ngamer

    I was supposed to reveal it today. But I haven’t yet. Probably on account that I’m gay. is the home of the world's fastest GoldenEye and Perfect Dark speedruns.

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