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Legendary Goldeneye record destroyed by a legendary player!

June 20, 2012 – One of the most historic days in the history of the elite. It was just a few short days ago that former Goldeneye champion Bryan Bosshardt finally shattered the longest standing world record in the history of the elite. Runway Secret Agent 0:22 was achieved 4 years after Bryan’s first few serious attempts began in 2008.

Some facts about the history of Runway Secret Agent:

1. Karl Jobst got 0:23 on November 9, 2001. Since then it became the longest standing non-Duel record in the history of the Elite. The record stood for 3,876 days. 2nd in line is Dam Agent 0:53, achieved just under a year later.

2. 52 people in total lost a record – there are now only 42 total players with a Goldeneye world record.

3. David Monteith was the last player to get 0:23 as a record, Luke Pettit is the first player to get 0:23 as a regular personal record.

4. Often considered the token “easiest record” in the game, that title likely now belongs to Archives Agent 0:16 or Streets Agent 1:13 … depending on whom you ask.

5. 0:23 was achieved with the 1.2 control style with an original N64 controller, 0:22 was achieved with the dual-controller 2.x setup with a Superpad controller.

Posted: June 24th, 2012
at 12:30am by Jimbo

Categories: Milestones,World Records

Comments: 4 comments

  • Jimbo’s Driving License

    You may have deleted my comment, thinking it redundant after adding the bit about the 2.x/superpad. However, you’ll find that I’m not the only one who thinks that this world record is completely retarded.

  • Jimbo

    I’m not disagreeing with you, I’ve lost 2 records thanks to 2.x and have always been against it since day 1. Notice why I don’t have Streets 1:13 :(

  • Derek

    Vintage post, Jimbo!

    Great job, Bryan – I don’t think 2.x takes away from this. I never was patient enough to even adjust to 1.2, so there’s credit due for adapting to the point where you can get WRs.

  • Shadow

    Amazing. Hard to believe it was that long ago that Karl got 23. I remember that being big news :S Man, how old am I?


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