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Licence to Thrill

August 28th, 2005 at 12:34pm by Steve

…or License to Update Old Out-of-date Pages? Whatever the case, I’m back again, with lots of stuff for you gaming goliaths.

First and foremost, The Goldeneye LTK Ranks are updated, restyled, redesigned, and swankified! They are now fully automated, thanks to Your Eliteness. If you wish to control the file that holds your times, so you can update your own page, as done in the normal Elite ranks, be sure to contact me. Many thanks go out to Mike Gaydeski for assisting with the conversion to this system.

Some notes on the new ranks/update: Due to EZboard failure, many many times and posts in the old LTK topic were lost, hence there may be times missing from this update if they were posted there. Please repost your times in this topic or email/IM me if you notice any disparities. There may also be some errors due to typos from all the text file creating, so again, point those out to me if you catch them. The big mover of this update was Brandon Sanford, going from 5th to 2nd overall, nipping at the heels of LTK Champ Garrett Sellati, who managed to hold his top position through the strength of some incredible WRs.

Secondly, I updated the GE Fastest Vids page, to coincide with the release of Bryan Bosshardt’s new vids. All of Bryan’s new Goldeneye vids can be found here. Check them out! For history’s sake, I believe this is the first time that the Fastest Vids page has contained all 60 WR vids, for which we can thank Wouter and Bryan’s proving efforts. I also fixed all the small discrepencies about who got which time first, so that should all be right, for the available videos.

A final note, I added a link to The Elite Quote Database to the front page here, go register and vote on quotes if you haven’t yet! That’s all for me!

Posted: August 28th, 2005
at 12:34pm by Steve

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Comments: 7 comments

  • Adam D

    Just thought you might like to know that on my end clicking on the links to the vids takes me to a page full of rubbish (computer language maybe?)…..don’t know if this might be an isolated problem :plain:.

  • come

    Right click – Save as on all video links. You should know that by now. 😛

  • Adam D

    Wow, quick reply! Thx

  • come

    Whoops! Appears there’s a problem on my end as far as updating links on the main page, so the LTK link on the side doesn’t work yet, and the QDB link isn’t there. I’ll get it sorted out in a bit though.

  • matt8000

    Four t-e.n updates in ten days, it’s a hive of activity :hehe:

  • bcks

    Looks really nice.:satisfied: I like the new look and point scale, streets leaderboard is huge though.:p
    2 werid links im not sure what there for, for the time and point ranks, there is 2 ltk links, that link to you and bryan, not quite sure the purpose of those.:confused:

  • come

    Ha, those were left over from my testing of it, when I forgot to uncheck to upload points/times rankings (since they aren’t needed since there’s only one difficulty).

    I guess more people will just have to beat Streets. :) is the home of the world's fastest GoldenEye and Perfect Dark speedruns.

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