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Meanwhile, from Japan…

Everyone knows that Takahiro Arai is the current Perfect Dark champion, passing Ace somewhat recently. Taka hails from Japan, where they eat sushi, drink sake, and do other things ending in vowels. I had reported on two other Japanese players who recently joined the ranks; let’s see how they’re doing, shall we?

Whoa, CEDRIC! This guy has climbed from 21st to 12th in just a month and a half! CEDRIC is threatening to crack the top 10 and at this rate, could even pass his fellow sake-drinker for the #1 spot! CEDRIC most recently got Duel PA 0:09 and a very impressive Defection PA 1:23! We can only hope he continues to play and move up.

Chuya Takizawa has also managed to get into the top 20, currently sitting at 19th. Chuya’s accomplishments are admittedly overshadowed by CEDRIC’s times, but he’s also moved up nine spots in the ranks, and in the same amount of time! Maybe when CEDRIC passes Taka, Chuya will leapfrog him and we’ll have a Japanese top 3!

I had also mentioned AT Allianz in my last update, and this guy is still hard at work, moving up 16 spots to 76th. AT isn’t quite on the same level as his Japanese competitors yet (maybe try eating some sushi), but he’s doing very well nonetheless.

Posted: January 22nd, 2010
at 7:33pm by Thiradell

Categories: Perfect Dark,World Records

Comments: 8 comments

  • Inkosi

    This post sucked ass

  • speedruntrainer

    Wow, that would be very very cool!!! Too bad David’s insanity is still here :/

  • speedruntrainer

    Oops, I forgot this, I mean, It would be funny if there were top 3 JAP players, but if David continues he will be #1 and that’s not epic anymore then.

  • Inkosi

    CEDRIC passing Taka is like saying Taka passing Clemens in GE. Does CEDRIC have some kind of secret ambitions that i don’t know of? Or are you just trying to be funny? Seriously, that post was lame :p

  • clemens

    Yeah and thanks for talking about my Extraction PA 131 and sweep… <_<

  • Robbie Williams Esq.

    Yeah Cedric got top 20, but does anyone *actually* care? I don’t think i’ve ever been as bored by PD as i have been now, even when Taka got No.1, which was a bit of a low point for the community as a whole.

    Bland post after bland post, just listing times with no video link or explanation or any kind of vibrancy whatsoever, interspersed with ridiculous snippets of barely comprehensible English. Win.

    At least Clemens makes things interesting around here.

  • Robbie Williams Esq.

    Ok, so the video part was a bit wrong, but the rest is true :P

  • Henning

    Way too early to say that CEDRIC can pass Taka, Id say top5 as it is looking right now.


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