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Elite HQ at AGDQ 2015 (Video Tour)

The Elite has arrived at AGDQ, gearing up for this year’s GoldenEye speedrunning showcase at AGDQ (Saturday time TBD). Ryan Lockwood, Luke Szklarz, Bryan Bosshardt, and Daniel “wodahS” Coelho will be racing to see who can beat the game the fastest (“Any %” format — completing the game on agent as fast as possible). Look out for look-down, diagonal strafe-running, and a wide assortment of other quirky time-savers mastered by the Elite’s GE pros.

The core of attendees from the Elite have already arrived, headlined by Ryan “Goose” White who put on his best MTV Cribs persona with a tour of Elite HQ at the Hilton:

Posted: January 4th, 2015
at 4:34pm by Derek

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The Elite Podcast – Season 1 Episode 3 Now Available!

If you have an hour of free time and want to be caught up on everything that’s happened in the Elite in the last 3 months, as well as some extensive analysis of the very first GoldenEye Fantasy League, check out Episode 3 of the Elite Podcast!

Posted: December 6th, 2014
at 5:03pm by Jimbo

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Untied Records, New Top 5 Player! Holy August!

While Perfect Dark is [sadly] closing in on the 365-day mark with no world records posted other than Duel, Goldeneye has held fast in its incredible activity level and we have a few notable achievements to talk about.

Current champion Rayan Isran is still continuing to post untied world records, even in a day where the game is so considerably optimized already. Continuing from the previous update, Ace got Aztec Secret Agent 1:34 using the far-riskier Agent strat, thus knocking off a world record Marc Rutzou has had since June 1, 2010. After this, Ace went after another one of Marc’s untied records and nabbed himself Train 00 Agent 1:49 after several failed runs and duped completed 1:50s. Watch the commentary videos linked below for further analysis of the runs by the champ himself!

In other news, we have a new top 5 player on the point rankings, and that player is Australian juggernaut Karl Jobst! Karl, having been around the site since the stone ages and once claiming the #1 spot in overall time, has slowly clawed back in the last year in direct competition with fellow Australian Luke Szklarz. While Luke is on break, it’s Karl’s time to shine and possibly go after 4th place Bryan Bosshardt, who still remains inactive in individual levels and continues to practice for a possible AGDQ Agent race.

Finally, a note of congratulations goes out to top 10 runner Ilari Pekkala, who nabbed himself a 1:08:xx run at the European Speedster Assembly earlier this month. The 1:08:xx is special because it beat his own goal of sub 1:10:00, beat his personal record, and had no fails or deaths using skill-based strategies and of course was completed in only one try. Only one word can describe this run, C-L-U-T-C-H. Great job Illu!

Posted: August 11th, 2014
at 2:15pm by Jimbo

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The Elite Clutches Awesome AGDQ Runs!

It was early Sunday morning, around 3:30am local time, when eliters finally took the stage at Awesome Games Done Quick 2014. Alex Anderson and Ryan White speedran GoldenEye 007 using 2.X control styles in World Record time of 24:01. Bryan Bosshardt followed this up with a stellar Perfect Dark Perfect Agent 58:34, cutting the 1 hour time; something only the Bossman himself, as well as dual champion Rayan Isran have been able to do. Not to be outdone, Ryan Lockwood clutched a legendary GoldenEye 007 multiplayer victory in a 19-19 ending vs the other three gamers. Derek Clark and Trent Hovis provided insightful couch commentary while the two games raised well over $15 000 for the Prevent Cancer Foundation in donation incentives.

All in all, the unanimous feeling among eliters was that this was the biggest moment in elite history. Incredible gameplay and commentary broadcast to an audience around 50 000 viewers gave huge exposure and cemented the elite’s reputation as a premiere speedrun community among the gaming world. Congratulations to all eliters who had a helping hand in making this happen!

Alex & Goose GE 007 Agent 2.X Speedrun 24:01 (WR)

Boss PD Perfect Agent 58:34

GoldenEye 007 Multiplayer Deathmatch

Posted: January 13th, 2014
at 3:25pm by Ryan White

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The Elite Arrives at AGDQ

Update 2

Friday – 10:05 PM ET – GoldenEye at 3 AM, PD at 4 AM. Watch for Lockwood sightings.

Update 1

Friday – 6:05 AM ET – The marathon has fallen well behind schedule and GoldenEye has been pushed back to 4 AM ET. We’ll keep you posted. Up-to-date discussion is available on the boards. We’ll post videos afterward.

behind the scenes at AGDQ 2014

At the Grand Ballroom at the Crowne Plaza in Washington, D.C., there is no ball this week. Nor are there suits and ties or PowerPoint presentations (hopefully). Instead, the space is host to a makeshift studio, of sorts, where a week-long marathon of video game speedruns are being performed live and streamed to thousands of viewers online here (Jan 5-11). Yes, there are a lot of geeks at the Crowne Plaza right now. This is AGDQ.

AGDQ stands for “Awesome Games Done Quick” and for the most part, the games are awesome and the runs are quick. Every year (for 4 years now… I think?) console gamers from around the world flock to D.C. to showcase their highly specialized gaming abilities for a growing audience of speedrun enthusiasts. This year viewer audiences are expected to approach 100,000 at times, tuning in to see an A-list lineup of gaming wizards dismantle an A-list lineup of classic game titles. The event is run annually and raises loads of money for charity (learn about donating here).

The Elite has well-represented this year, with roughly a dozen community members in attendance, three of whom will be performing Saturday. This year’s GoldenEye showcase is a tandem performance by Ryan White and Alex Anderson sharing duty on an agent speedrun. Alternating segments? No. They will be playing simultaneously using the dubious 2.2 control style while the audience simultaneously appreciates and underappreciates the scale of difficulty. One player (allegedly Goose) will manage the C-buttons to navigate, and the other (Allegedly Alex) will manage pitch, the trigger, A, and B-buttons. Allegedly they’ve run sub-25:00 in practice, and (allegedly, of course) that is faster than you. (Me.)

Bryan Bosshardt, the original GoldenEye prodigy, will be speedrunning Perfect Dark (I’d elaborate, but don’t know much more right now). He’s got ice water in his veins and I’m excited to watch him crush it. I’ve also got ice water in my veins because it’s god damn freezing here, by the way.

The runs are currently scheduled for Friday evening, though they could get moved to Saturday afternoon. Tune in to see me and also maybe those other guys and their runs. Keep an eye out for guest appearances by Ryan Lockwood, Trent Hovis, Mark Jones (running MK64 tonight!), Dan Edeen, Drew Weatherton, Greg Woll, and Lady Gaga. And some other community members that are arriving that I don’t know about. But not Jimbo (who is instead passing time alone in the frozen wasteland of wherever he’s from)

Editor’s Notes

This year the event is raising money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. For most games, different donation targets are set as bounties for the speed runner to attempt something entertaining, ludicrously difficult, or otherwise novel. So even the pro-cancer lobby can find cause to donate!

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Posted: January 8th, 2014
at 11:57pm by Derek

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

It’s a great time of year. Beautiful weather for most of the world, the Elite Summer Contest finals looming, and the Elite’s largest meet just a few days away… there’s a lot going on right now! That’s just the social side of this great community, what’s going on within the realm of the games?

A ton! What our champion Rayan “Ace” Isran has accomplished in the last month is nothing short of historical. Rayan has posted 3 untied records in the last month – those being Bunker 2 00 Agent 0:54, Aztec 00 Agent 1:39, and Caverns 00 Agent 1:31 – in addition to his tied record of Control 00 Agent 4:07. Rayan has opened up a 60 point cushion over 2nd place David Clemens. Since the last update, Ace has also taken away Cedric’s Perfect Dark champion position and has claimed the title of dual champion. Rayan is one of 3 people in history to claim both championships at one time.

Luke Szklarz, the Australian who has absolutely shot out of a rocket and well into the top 10 has also kept busy. His Silo Agent 1:01 highlights his insane run of PRs posted in the last month. Bunker 2 00 Agent 0:57 and a pair of Statue 2:19s put him within spitting distance of 7th place Jimmy Bauer.

Ryan White ended a multiple year journey by finally getting a time proven to be a crux for many players – Cradle Agent 0:34! Milan Pacino also posted a pair of records, albeit without videos, those being Bunker 1 Agent 0:17 and Archives Agent 0:16. Steffan Persson posted a solid Archives Secret Agent 0:54, and Adrian Axelsson rounded out the record table with Archives Agent 0:16.

Take care, keep playing, and we’ll see you all after the big Virginia meet which happens from July 29 to August 3.

Posted: July 22nd, 2013
at 6:34pm by Jimbo

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Awesome Games Done Quick – REPRESENT!

The Elite has been featured on other speedrunning websites before, but the buck stops at Speed Demos Archive! Our very own Alex Anderson (20th in Goldeneye) will be featured on Thursday, January 10, at 9:30 EST. Alex will get one attempt (no resets) to beat GoldenEye on a 100% speedrun in front of 10,000 viewers plus a live audience of nearly 50 people!

Cheer Alex on at and if you wish to donate, all the money will be going to the Prevent Cancer Foundation – a very good cause :)

Best of luck Alex, may Dr. Doak have mercy on you.

Posted: December 29th, 2012
at 4:29pm by Jimbo

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The November Update – Insane records, new podium player!

October has come and gone. For most of us, it was a time of foliage changing color and cooler temperatures, but boy did the world records stay hot! Not only did both games see some huge activity, but there was a significant change in the point rankings in Goldeneye, as well as some insane untieds by a potential high-profile player. Lets start with the most important stuff from October.

Henning Blom, Goldeneye’s highest-ranked Swede and top 5 overall player, has absolutely dominated the world record topic. Previously known for having sub-standard Depot times, he had suddenly risen to the top of the Depot leaderboards and is well on his way to an untied 300 point stage. Henning posted Depot Agent 0:25 back on October 7, then followed that up by tying David Monteith’s only untied record of Depot Secret Agent 0:40 on October 30; finally, he improved one of his worst times by posting an insane Depot 00 Agent 0:48, tying Bryan Bosshardt, and is well on his way to posting a 0:47 (he has 6 failed 0:48s as of this update). Along with this incredible Depot domination, Henning posted a smooth Streets 00 Agent 1:55. Overall, Henning launched himself over former champion Bryan Bosshardt to assume 3rd place and a spot on the podium for the first time in his career. Henning could easily challenge Rayan Isran‘s #2 spot and has already announced his intentions of getting there, could he perhaps one day challenge the seemingly untouchable David Clemens?

Speaking of the champ David Clemens, it’s worth noting that during a warm-up session in Minnesota just 2 short days ago as of this update, David failed a Frigate SA 1:00 by failing the engine bomb objective… the hostages completed! Henning was *that* close to losing his one and only precious yet insane untied world record to a guy who seems like he can turn it on at any moment. The featured video of David failing 1:00 is below with a live reaction recorded, it is absolutely priceless but heartbreaking to watch.

Next on the insanity list is a little-known player to most casual observers. Luke “Lucky P” Pettit has made himself known as the guy who has insane times, yet never had a world record. While rather interesting, it was a shame that he missed out on Runway Secret Agent 0:23 by a few hours or so after Bryan Bosshardt got 0:22. Luke absolutely smashed this reputation by posting an unexpected and insane Frigate 00 Agent 1:06! To add insult to injury to anyone who ever made fun of his lack of world records, he followed that up by posting a 1:05 on the very same difficulty! This is a bittersweet video to watch, because Luke took a safe strat at the end and waited for Objective A to complete at the boat, leaving it up for nearly a second and almost assuredly giving up 1:04 in the process. Regardless, Pettit did the rare feat of making champion David Clemens lose a record while establising himself as a real player and a threat to the top 10 (and possibly top 5!)

Never to be forgotten, PAL sensation and top 5 player Marc Rützou untied his own record by posting a smooth Train SA 1:23. This record was far out of reach already to NTSC players, but Marc made this record nearly out of reach for anyone by lowering his own record and proving he’s the greatest Train player of all time. Marc also finally got a Bunker 1 Agent 0:17, a record that was a glaring void in his times page up to this point. One must not look past his Aztec 00 Agent 1:41 as well, which was achieved on his way to possibly obliterating the current record of 1:40. This guy is clearly capable of setting any record he wants.

Lastly on the world record front, Perfect Dark saw it’s on share of the action. Bryan Bosshardt, never to be forgotten for his PD accomplishments (including being a former champion), blasted away a former Paragon record by posting a sweet Infiltration PA 1:40. The record likely isn’t quite as impressive as the former Paragon record of 1:52 only because a forgotten shield was left in the game in the Japanese version. Nevertheless, Bryan’s 1:40 gives him a 2 second advantage on his next competitor, Taka. Taka wasn’t completely forgotten this month; he posted a Rescue SA 2:17, tying a record set by David Clemens.

Moving onto the PR front, Jimmy Bauer takes the prize as the player of the month (in my humble opinion, anyway). Jimmy was always known as the guy who wasn’t always around, but when he posted, it was usually an insane PR or WR that took everyone by surprise. This time though, he posted a barrage of PRs that elevated him several ranks in overall time and boosted him solidly into the top 10 in points. Eddie Lovins now holds onto his top 10 spot by a mere 2 points over Dan Cervone! Bauer posted some great PRs like Jungle 00A 0:58, Frigate SA 1:03, Jungle A 0:52, as well as Aztec 00 Agent 1:48 – this being a 44 second cut and an 50 point gainer!

Ilari Pekkala posted a Silo Agent 1:04, Train Agent 1:04, Depot 00A 0:50, and even made the switch to PD for an Attack Ship PA 3:14 (during his chase for the bounty offered to take down the 6 year untied of 3:12). Ryan White has come back with a vengeance by posting some insane Statue times, as well as being the flagship streamer on the elite’s new pursuit of Goldeneye 100% world records (which is currently held by David Clemens). The streams feature Clemens, Ryan White, and Marc Rützou on a consistent basis. The viewer count at times has peaked at over 100!

Lastly, as a shout-out and thank you for hosting an epic meet in Minnesota, I must mention that Dan Edeen is slowly becoming good speedrunner. He spent countless hours for his precious Dam Agent 0:54 and Archives Agent 0:17, both taking a ridiculously long time, but it shows his persistence for these times as he strives to match his Minnesota brethren in skill at the games. This is a guy who buys and sells games on the side for some major extra cash, he’s also a guy who currently owns a Millennium 2000 controller, a Nintendo Power 100 controller, and a DK64 controller! Dan is projected to host a major midwest meet next spring at his new (big!) house, it would be the largest concentration of top-players in the history of the elite. (Hint, we could see 4 of Goldeneye’s top 5 players in one house!)

Posted: November 7th, 2012
at 12:30am by Jimbo

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The October Update – Controversial [banned] strats, and….?

Well folks, September was pretty boring. Upon looking at the time history for September 2012, I found a total of TWO new world records, both in Goldeneye. The big topic of the month though centered around the new strat veteran Trent Hovis managed to find through game rage and unorthodox experimentation, and here is a basic explanation of how it works:

It involves taking a 2nd controller apart and plugging it into the 2nd controller port (using whatever style you want, 1.2 for example). If you press on the circuit board a certain way during the fadeout, it freezes the game by making all objects disappear and completely freezes the mission timer while countdowns CONTINUE. The flip-side to this glitch is that anything with a countdown to end the level can be advantageous because “unfreezing” the game as the level fades out will give you a completion at whatever point you froze the level using your controller originally…

It’s basically the equivalent of stomping on your N64 a certain way to get the mission timer to stop at 0:09 and calling it a glitch. This would only be useful on Facility A/SA/00A and Train SA/00A, Aztec 00A for a no-armor run so you don’t have to go back to the vents.

The controversy began when Trent posted some untied records on Train and left us all hanging as to how he pulled off these miraculous untieds (1:22 SA and 1:49 00A). With some whistle-blowing detective work from David Clemens, it was found that hardware manipulation was used to get these times (including Facility Agent 0:43) and subsequently these times were immediately removed from the rankings.

See this topic for more details on everything.

The big new time of the month comes from Marc Rützou, who landed a cool Silo 00 Agent 1:22; David Witten also posted a sweet Archives Agent 0:16, a record I will always be biased for.

On an end note, the Virginia 2012 compilation video is complete and uploaded! The video can be found here.

Posted: October 2nd, 2012
at 12:33am by Jimbo

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The (belated) August update – Virginia winners, chicken dinners!

11 days late, but hey who’s paying attention right? The 6th international meet of the Eliters and (a few specific) Karters came to a close about 9 days ago, and what a meet it was!

David Clemens took down his first Virginia Goldeneye championship in rather dominating fashion, winning 5 matches in a total of only 6 played over competitors Karl Jobst and Jimbo Barrett. Karl showed his amazing ability by backing up all of his trash-talk on the boards and finishing a solid 2nd… Myself on the other hand, well… I was no more than a meat bag for these guys. When it comes to 3P and 4P games, these 2 are in their own zip code. It’s also to note that David took home a cool $250 cash from Karl in a special 4P match set up by the Aussie with his own custom rules. David ended the meet about $400 richer and with an amazing controller as a prize…

In Mario Kart 64, Bryan Bosshardt cruised to his first Kart championship. With his win, he continues the streak of no repeat winners since 2008. Upstart Tyler “Third” Wishall took home 2nd place from the angry Jimbo Barrett, who finished 3rd, just ahead of Nathan Stinson. (note: That was my 5th consecutive finals appearance without a win, Kart can get depressing sometimes)

In other Goldeneye news, Marc Rutzou finally became a top 5 player by getting a complete set of times. With relative ease, he coasted into his current 5th place in both time/points. Ryan Koch keeps climbing the rankings and is now ranked ahead of legend Wouter Jansen and ice cold Aussie Glen Stevens. Ilari Pekkala came out of his inactive cave and posted a Depot SA 0:42 just after he was supplanted by Marc Rutzou. Finally, I myself have posted about 100 points worth of new PRs to get over the 5000 point mark again. (Goldeneye has been relatively inactive the last month and a half compared to the last few updates)

Last but not least, the elite Summer Contest is wrapping up and the 2 finals entrants have been announced! Check the boards to see who made it!

Posted: August 12th, 2012
at 1:36am by Jimbo

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