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Merry Christmas!

So much going on here at the Elite… GE and PD are both quite active, we’ve been having some real good times in Chat, a couple special events are being planned for New Years, a major announcement is on the way, and on top of it all, rumor has it that there just might be a certain Ngamer surprise in the works.

But as exciting as all that is, I think we would all do well to set it aside for these next 24 hours, and just have a relaxing, enjoyable Christmas Day with our families. And so from all of us here at t-e.n, here’s wishing the very best to you and yours this holiday season. Merry Christmas to all!

Posted: December 24th, 2004
at 10:39pm by Ngamer

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  • Your Elitenes

    It would really suck if the "special events", "major announcement" and "Ngamer surprise" are the same thing. But I’m pretty sure I know what the special events are :cool:

    OMG YES, smilies! Your disable emoticons option won’t save you now Jon!
    :) :D :O :hehe: :laugh: :P

  • nOOb

    sssssss :P

  • Your Eeliteness

    Save the eels!

  • Derek

    Hooray for Jon, keeping things fresh around here!

  • Jon


  • SamSim

    My OneOnOne page has changed. See above. Sorry I didn’t mention it earlier.

  • John

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