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More fine-tuning

With some assistance from Come and Beau West, is now fully valid HTML 4.01 Transitional! I also went through and changed around file types of the various images being hosted on the page and took 110 KB off the index alone, wow! Looks like is primed and ready to resume with renewed durability and a renewed identity.

Go Elite! ;)

Posted: November 3rd, 2004
at 2:50pm by Derek

Categories: Uncategorized

Comments: 9 comments

  • come

    Whoo! Go us. Still gotta make the css valid though :P Maybe I should actually learn it..

  • Din Mor

    Yeah, Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!
    :laugh: :cry: :crazy: :confused: :blush:

    P.S: Bush is gay :cool:

  • Ngamer

    Way to go Come! Oh look, a little button on the bottom and everything, cool.

    HM… do we still want to do that FF button thing?

  • come

    I think the FF button would be nice, just have it down there with the w3c one (soon to be 2, once someone makes the css all valid ;) ) but you might wanna ask derek. I think I brought it up once, dunno if he was an FF-er at that time though, so he probably added another row under his "list of things to kill come for suggesting"

  • The Shadow

    Way to go Derek! It’s neat that it’s all valid, though no one really cares except for us super-nerds ;D

  • Derek

    Actually it’s pretty important to me given that this site is a the most important element of my web design portfolio (on my resume).

    And what exactly is our motive in putting a Get FF link down there? Looking cool?

  • Beau

    It certainly would look good on a resume….

    Someday, it might actually matter if people’s sites are valid! They can’t use Frontpage forever…

  • come

    One little thing I just noticed Derek, the link to CSS validation links to the validation mainpage, not through t-e.n as a referer.. just something to fix whenever you get around to it :P

  • Derek

    Thanks for the heads up. In both cases I copy-pasted the link exactly as it was presented, so not sure why it’s like that. I just changed the link to go to the CSS check results for t-e.n.


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