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New and Exciting!

That’s right Elite, we’re back with more new and exciting things, just for you.

The All Time Elite Awards came to a close just last night, and the winners can be found here. Congratulations to all winners, and to thanks to those who participated! Stay tuned for Neo to post prediction contest results in Gen Chat any day now!

Along with the ATA, our committee got together to decide on a long-awaited, highly avoided project: The Elite Hall of Fame. This idea has been going around for a couple of years now, and has finally come to fruition here to start off 2006. If you didn’t quite notice yet, the 10 days of blurry pictures that we have had on the front page were the first class of inductees into this prestigious hall. Check out the topic in Gen Chat for more information, and be sure to visit the NEW and EXCITING Hall of Fame Forum for general HoF discussion, bio contributions, and perhaps even predictions as to who will make up the Class of 2007.

In other news, GE has seen a strong few weeks, with many great new WRs tied and untied, largely on the shoulders of new players Ryan White and Michael Kirkness. This Canadian duo has taken the ranks by storm, pumping out WRs in Boss-like fashion over the past month. There WILL be a GEWR update coming soon, including full award updates and the choosing of the 2005 Player of the Year. Expect other GE pages to be updated around then too, including Fastest Vids and Dark LTK ranks.

Enjoy our New Years presents to you, Elite, and may 2006 bring you more WRs and fewer broken controllers!

Posted: January 1st, 2006
at 5:48pm by Steve

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  • me

    51 needs a new Topic!!!!


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