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Perfect Dark XBLA confirmed for March release

February 12th, 2010 at 7:00am by Fal

It seems to be taking an age to come but finally we will be seeing it in the march XBLA Block Party (a bunch of games being released during march on XBLA). Its expected that it will be released for 1200 microsoft points but rumours are abound that it could potentially be 800 ms points but either way its a great bargain for such a great game. Here is a video which shows the very first level being done in what can only be described as record time. Thats enough sarcasm for now..

Perfect Dark XBLA – Defection

I can see you guys just wanting him to jump on the door at the beginning, i have a feeling they will have probably patched any glitches however.

Posted: February 12th, 2010
at 7:00am by Fal

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  • Vitor

    niiice :)

  • Charlie

    They’ve announced that they definitely haven’t fixed the Skedar Ruins shortcut, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they hadn’t fixed anything else.

  • octo

    That guy sucks at PD 😛

  • Nindif

    split screen online… epic

  • matt8k

    Classic Goldeneye weapons are confirmed for multiplayer.
    Video is not great, but heres the KF7: is the home of the world's fastest GoldenEye and Perfect Dark speedruns.

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