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The Elite Troll Chronicles

Assorted musings from young Goldeneye star Mirrormage; enjoy.

The Day With No WRs: 23rd January

It’s a well-known fact that the 23rd of January is the only day in Elite history that does not have a single WR in GE. This year however, we weren’t ready to just let it slide like a little fucker. Jim “Jimbo” Barrett surprisingly put up some of his own money, $25 even, for the person with the best WR on the day. $25 coming out of Jim’s wallet is probably enough to give him a heart attack so of course everyone picked up their controllers and went at it. There were a record number of twitch streams going on on the day; people were seriously hungry for dat $$$.

Unfortunately, no one was able to get a WR. So many runners wasted 10 hours of their lives running some game from the 90s. We probably would have had a WR if the Singaporean streaming servers did not shit the bed on the night of the 23rd. If I was able to put in about 3+ hours, a WR would have definitely happened… but it didn’t. Putting all the hours squandered by runners trying to achieve a WR together adds up to almost 110 hours. Ilari “Illu” Pekkala wins the award for being the biggest degen with almost 18 hours of Dam agent for 0:52. He could have recieved a massive pot of over $300 for the 0:52 but the 18 hours was completely fruitless. Congratulations on wasting 18 hours of your life, Illu.

Woody Cuts The Boss in Super Metroid

After attending virgin fortress 2015, Ryan “Cockwood” Lockwood underwent weeks worth of intense seshes of Super Metroid incorporating new strats in hopes for amazing improvements. These desired improvements quickly followed and a great PR was imminent. The run started with a sub 17 power-bombs, his first. Woody continued to clutch his movement, dashing and hopping stylishly past monsters and across rooms. This play was just barely enough for a sub 22 grav suit, almost choking it by running over the item like a complete scrub. Some unfortunate mistakes hurt the run afterwards but Woody ended up with a 50:22. Celebrations went wild; the once insipid chat erupted into a boisterous frenzy congratulating Ryan. Woody was visibly fucking pumped about his time but he seemed particularly excited about recieving nudes from Oats after the run. The 50:22 beat Bryan Bosshardt’s time of 50:45. With this, he was bestowed one of the most prestigious titles in all of speedrunning, “2nd best Super Metroid runner in the Elite”. Congrats bud. He is currently grinding out late-game because his late-game is shit. Hopefully we get to see the sub 50 soon.

Fierce Rivalries in Pilotwings 64

Fluke “Homeonice” Szklarz was inspired to run Pilotwings 64 upon return to the barren wastelands of Australia. However, he was only interested in running the level “Dark Cavern” probably because his current habitat is awfully similar to a dark cavern. He described it as a potentially year-long project with constant grinding but in just 4 days he annihilated the WR of 36.92 with 36.71 improving his PR of 37.84 by more than a second. Grav was definitely tilted so as expected, he grinded the shit out of that level (probably skipped school) in hopes to get the WR back. And he did. 36.24 bb. Grav showed who is boss. Completely rekt the previous rekky by almost half a second. Will Luke bounce back? We can only wait and see.

Szklarz was not the only newcomer Grav had to deal with, Bryan Bosshardt showed his gaming prowess by collecting two WRs for himself (1:49.44 on River Run and 2:08.95 on Sky Maneuvers). However, Grav quickly responded with 1:48.80 and 2:08.48. Boss would not be defeated so easily though and got 1:48.42 on River Run. A day later, Grav bested the Boss WR with a 1:48.06 and claimed he is going for the 1:47. That’s some pretty intense shit guys.

The Elite Searching For A New Proof Moderator

After the council decision was made to remove Dan Berube’s Dam agent 0:53 and Adam Matis’ Archives agent 0:16 off the rankings, Thiradell, a well-known member of the elite staff, ragequit from his duties. He will be doing one more proof call before passing the baton. The Elite launched a search for a new proof moderator this week attracting a few people. Current applicants include Austin “Austinthegamer” Perroux, Alec “Troubleclef” McDonald and Jonathan “dsx” Hotinski. Good luck to all the tryhard applicants. It should also be noted that Dugg created a funny .gif in that thread which inadvertently supported dsx’s campaign to elite relevance. Link:

The Pinball Era

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Posted: January 31st, 2015
at 1:28am by Mirrormage

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The Elite Podcast – Episode 2 Now Available!

If you’re looking to kill an hour and catch up on everything going on with the Elite as of June 20, check out the Elite Podcast episode 2!

Posted: September 7th, 2014
at 12:12pm by Jimbo

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The Elite Clutches Awesome AGDQ Runs!

It was early Sunday morning, around 3:30am local time, when eliters finally took the stage at Awesome Games Done Quick 2014. Alex Anderson and Ryan White speedran GoldenEye 007 using 2.X control styles in World Record time of 24:01. Bryan Bosshardt followed this up with a stellar Perfect Dark Perfect Agent 58:34, cutting the 1 hour time; something only the Bossman himself, as well as dual champion Rayan Isran have been able to do. Not to be outdone, Ryan Lockwood clutched a legendary GoldenEye 007 multiplayer victory in a 19-19 ending vs the other three gamers. Derek Clark and Trent Hovis provided insightful couch commentary while the two games raised well over $15 000 for the Prevent Cancer Foundation in donation incentives.

All in all, the unanimous feeling among eliters was that this was the biggest moment in elite history. Incredible gameplay and commentary broadcast to an audience around 50 000 viewers gave huge exposure and cemented the elite’s reputation as a premiere speedrun community among the gaming world. Congratulations to all eliters who had a helping hand in making this happen!

Alex & Goose GE 007 Agent 2.X Speedrun 24:01 (WR)

Boss PD Perfect Agent 58:34

GoldenEye 007 Multiplayer Deathmatch

Posted: January 13th, 2014
at 3:25pm by Ryan White

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The Single-Segment Buzzsaw; What Else is New?

Well, I don’t always go 3 months between front page news updates, but when I do, it’s probably for a reason. Just one year ago, a new fad in the Elite was taking its foothold; many older veteran players and new players alike saw the newness and potential of streaming their sessions. Tons of players were active, many world records were gotten on a weekly basis sometimes, hundreds of old personal records were shattered in what was one of the most active times in community history. That was November 2012, this is November 2013. So what now?

The powerhouse players have redirected their concentration from individual levels and point-driven times to single-segment runs, which have become all the buzz in the speedrunning world. The Elite’s most popular streamer, rwhitegoose, consistently nets over 300 viewers for each session of single-segment runs that he performs. With AGDQ 2014 just around the corner in January, the players who are attending the event are practicing feverishly to hone their skills, perfect their muscle memory, and figure out ways to avoid the risks of embarrassment when 30,000+ people are watching them perform.

The Elite’s #1 player, Rayan “Ace” Isran, has made single-segment runs look like a walk in the park. Marc Rutzou, the 3rd place GoldenEye player from Denmark, was the first to really put a cap on the 100% world record with 1:02:32 back on September 11, 2012. This run was notorious for Marc’s mistake of thinking he was running Aztec Secret Agent at the time he was running 00 Agent, so he ran the final drone room and saved an insane amount of time on accident. Ace would take a few cracks at this record, eventually posting a 1:01:52 and cementing a record that didn’t use the controversial converter. Never satisfied with his own domination, Ace pushed this prestigious world record down to an insane 1:00:01 which was achieved live on stream! Ultimately, his goal is to get under 60 minutes to complete the entire game, and no one has a doubt in their mind that this will happen someday. See the previous news update for further evidence of this.

While there hasn’t been much activity at the top of the individual-level rankings to report in the last 3 months, the mid-ranks have taken this opportunity to steal the spotlight and showcase their skills. The new standard for Dam 00 Agent is now 2:00 with the recent influx of players getting this; the new standard for Dam Secret Agent is now 1:18; the new standard for Bunker 2 00 Agent has finally been pushed down to 1:00 for 90 points. Old-school player Eise Smit has turned in a nice showcase of personal records in the last few weeks, including Bunker 1 Secret Agent 0:22 (which breaks the author’s heart), Facility Agent 0:45, Bunker 1 Agent 0:17, and Bunker 2 00 Agent 0:58. Eise was the first player since spring 2008 to post a time of 0:22 or better on Bunker 1 SA. Philip Bezgoubov’s recent rise has been great to watch as well. The Elite’s new favorite young chap from Singapore has posted a recent string of times that show great potential – Runway 00 Agent 0:37 (back on July 31), Runway Agent 0:22, Caverns Agent 1:02, and Dam Secret Agent 1:18. Philip is currently working on grinding out Dam Secret Agent 1:17, and when that happens, this place is going to light up. Never to be forgotten, Australia’s Luke Szklarz continues to light up the scoreboard by posting insane personal records on a regular basis now, showing his skill and fluidity all while getting these times relatively quickly. His PR highlights recently have been Train Agent 1:03, Train SA 1:28, Silo SA 1:10, Frigate SA 1:02, and most recently Aztec SA 1:41. Luke right now is less than 50 points from Ilari Pekkala for 6th place in the point rankings.

On the Perfect Dark side of things, perennial top player Otto Oksman has been posting a recent string of high-point personal records that have secured his spot in the top 10 once again. His return to action began with Air Force One Agent 0:54, right around the time Goose started going for 0:54. One of his highlighted runs is Investigation Agent 1:18, which ties champion Ace and stands at 93 points! On the single-segment side of Perfect Dark, both Ace and Big Bossman have been hammering out all kinds of interesting strats to avoid deaths and the inevitable trolling that comes with these runs. Big Bossman will be running Perfect Dark at AGDQ; the work that has gone into the strats for this marathon has been mind-boggling, as it has been proven over and over again that deaths can happen instantly and something can go wrong in the blink of an eye.

Boss will be staying with Alex Anderson and Ryan White who are running co-op GoldenEye together at AGDQ. Get hyped! This should easily be the most publicity the Elite has ever gotten, and we’re all anxious to see what happens when our trio of top players hit the big stage. Our good friend from the Mario Kart 64 player’s page Mark Jones will also be running a 150cc shortcut run at this marathon.

Posted: November 22nd, 2013
at 12:59am by Jimbo

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Back to Reality Soon, Enjoy the Summer Activity!

So, as seen with the previous news updates posted here, we’ve all been treated to something special. Rarely does someone such as our dual-champion Rayan Isran go on such a rampage and murder the world records in such an astoundingly fast and efficient manner. Wouter Jansen did this in his prime; Bryan Bosshardt enjoyed the same kind of success with ease in the mid 2000s; David Clemens also showed his dominance in the late 2000s by setting all kinds of untieds in both games while stopping short of going all the way in Perfect Dark. Considering how maxed both games really should be 16 and 13 years after their release dates, untied records should be an extremely rare occurrence. “Ace” has some divine powers with a controller right now, and his consistency shown in streams of individual-level runs and full-game runs is something rarely ever displayed in Elite history.

With that bit of worshiping nonsense out of the way, lets recap exactly what would entail such a praising opening paragraph. GoldenEye held the most activity for a very long time, and a lot of people were getting used to Perfect Dark being declared “dead” due to perpetual inactivity and the insane amount of time between world records being achieved. Once Ace switched allegiances to PD, that was all over and now GoldenEye seems dead for the time being! Along with Ace, Ryan White and Bryan Bosshardt have also started playing PD – 3 extremely high profile players of course around the Elite – and subsequently brought attention back to the all-but-dead PD community.

Ace’s world records have been utterly insane, and I’ll list them here with videos from oldest to most recent:

Infiltration Special Agent 1:28 (untied, one second cut)
Pelagic II Perfect Agent 1:56 (untied, one second cut, rare Janus guard near end)
Air Force One Agent 0:53 (untied, one second cut, top 5 oldest world record)
Air Force One Special Agent 1:19 (untied, one second cut)
Rescue Perfect Agent 2:38 (untied, THREE second cut)
G5 Building Perfect Agent 0:50 (untied, one second cut)
Villa Perfect Agent 1:28 (untied, one second cut)
Rescue Special Agent 2:16 (untied, one second cut)
Air Base Agent 1:14 (tied with 5 other people)
Infiltration Agent 1:10 (ties David Clemens)

That’s 10 world records in the last month or so, 8 of them being untied; .800 batting average for untied records? This is mind-blowing stuff! One must note that Air Force One Agent 0:54 was a record for an astounding 2905 days, good for #4 on the all time longest-standing non Duel world record page. It was little solace for Ryan White (Goose), who got 0:54 just a couple of days later in what would have been his first non-Duel world record.

So what the heck has been going outside of the #1 spot in both games? Not much on the rankings, however there’s been plenty of hype for January’s Awesome Games Done Quick, which might have Alex Anderson (GE), Bryan Bosshardt (PD), and Ryan White (Mario Golf/GE) participating. AGDQ is a charity marathon in which the very best gamers attend to raise money for cancer prevention while speedrunning the games they are very best at, plus some bonus material. Boss is going to represent PD for the first time ever on stream and attempt a full run on Perfect Agent – an extremely tall task he’s been practicing for months with the help of the champ, Ace.

Closing shoutouts to Luke Szklarz, Eise Smit, Ryan Lockwood, myself, and Bryan Youse for keeping GoldenEye somewhat alive in the last month or so during this insane stretch of PD dominance. Keep up the competitive edge, boys, but stop beating my times please.

Posted: August 21st, 2013
at 1:31am by Jimbo

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

It’s a great time of year. Beautiful weather for most of the world, the Elite Summer Contest finals looming, and the Elite’s largest meet just a few days away… there’s a lot going on right now! That’s just the social side of this great community, what’s going on within the realm of the games?

A ton! What our champion Rayan “Ace” Isran has accomplished in the last month is nothing short of historical. Rayan has posted 3 untied records in the last month – those being Bunker 2 00 Agent 0:54, Aztec 00 Agent 1:39, and Caverns 00 Agent 1:31 – in addition to his tied record of Control 00 Agent 4:07. Rayan has opened up a 60 point cushion over 2nd place David Clemens. Since the last update, Ace has also taken away Cedric’s Perfect Dark champion position and has claimed the title of dual champion. Rayan is one of 3 people in history to claim both championships at one time.

Luke Szklarz, the Australian who has absolutely shot out of a rocket and well into the top 10 has also kept busy. His Silo Agent 1:01 highlights his insane run of PRs posted in the last month. Bunker 2 00 Agent 0:57 and a pair of Statue 2:19s put him within spitting distance of 7th place Jimmy Bauer.

Ryan White ended a multiple year journey by finally getting a time proven to be a crux for many players – Cradle Agent 0:34! Milan Pacino also posted a pair of records, albeit without videos, those being Bunker 1 Agent 0:17 and Archives Agent 0:16. Steffan Persson posted a solid Archives Secret Agent 0:54, and Adrian Axelsson rounded out the record table with Archives Agent 0:16.

Take care, keep playing, and we’ll see you all after the big Virginia meet which happens from July 29 to August 3.

Posted: July 22nd, 2013
at 6:34pm by Jimbo

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Let the Summer Entertainment Begin!

So with the inevitable appearance of this thing called summertime almost everywhere except Australia, where it’s always warm, the game play around the Elite generally tends to die down pretty significantly. We’re not going to see 10+ world records every month like we did when the winter updates came every month and everyone was still in the honeymoon stage with twitch. With that said, however, we have had some pretty significant events happen in the last few weeks. Without further ado, I’ll begin with the most important event!

CEDRIC, a Japanese player whose real name is Takuya Kakizawa, has become Perfect Dark’s newest speedrunning king with the flurry of recent world records he’s attained. CEDRIC’s Villa Perfect Agent 1:29, a time that tied David Clemens, was the time that put him over the top of gone-but-not-forgotten fellow Japanese player Takahiro Arai. Both players maintain a roughly 30-point lead over the perpetually dangerous Rayan “Ace” Isran, who could storm back on a whim and at any moment.

On the Goldeneye side of things, we have a new top 10 points player amongst other world records achieved. Luke Szklarz, frequently mentioned in past updates, has made his presence felt with an onslaught of 90-plus point personal records. His recent Bunker 2 00 Agent 0:57 helped secure his 10th ranked spot over American player Shawn Johnson. Jim Barrett, your quack author for all of these updates, finally became the 20th player to get Runway Agent 0:22 over 9 years after it was initially achieved in 2004. Jimbo’s 0:22 gave him enough points to secure him 12th spot in the points and a top 10 spot in time. (which, as of this update, is a 3-way tie for 10th!) Goldeneye champion Rayan Isran has continued to do damage on the rankings, tying Marc Rützou’s Aztec Secret Agent 1:35 and Henning Blom’s Depot 00 Agent 0:47. “Ace” has also done something the top players rarely do, and that is post times in the PR topic! Rayan also posted a Bunker 2 00 Agent 0:56 along with Train Agent 0:59. (skipped over 1:00, goodness!) Finally, Marc Rützou also contributed to this entire mess by tying Ace’s Control SA 4:05. He’s currently on a mission to untie Control 00 Agent, posting 3 failed 4:07s in the last few days. Unbelievable.

Finally, I believe new players who do good things should be recognized in the best way to further motivate them to keep playing. New player Brian “Swompz” Dupont has successfully achieved the “big 4″ PRs to get a speedrunner started – Dam Agent 0:54, Runway Agent 0:23, Bunker 1 Agent 0:18, and Archives Agent 0:17 – the players who watched his stream, and myself, wish him the best in his quest to continue to get good Agent PRs and climb the ranks! This goes for all the other new players who have discovered the Elite recently!

In an ending note, the real entertainment for quite a few of us is in the 2013 Elite Summer Contest! The contest is now underway. A full bracket and biography links can be found in the board topic, which is found here. Take care gentlemen, and keep those PRs coming!

Posted: June 17th, 2013
at 1:57am by Jimbo

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Procrastination at its Finest, Summer Looms…

So I’m aware we haven’t had a front page update that holds any relevant content in regards to the latest world records or other significant events (minus Silo DLTK of course), and I blame that on me being pretty busy/lazy and the fact that streaming activity has significantly dropped in the last few weeks! A few players continue to hang on, however, including Marc Rutzou with his Bunker 1 00 Agent 1:03 (a 2nd place tie), and myself – nothing terribly special out of me, but inching ever close to that soughtafter top 10!

With myself and that other fellow Marc out of the way, I want to highlight 2 other GoldenEye players who continue to show their impressive pure-strafing skill. Luke Szklarz, an Australian native, has skyrocketed into the top 12 in points lately with his influx of insane PRs – he currently sits in 7th in Agent points but 18th in 00 Agent points! The other player is the notoriously entertaining Ryan Lockwood, whom right now is currently trying his luck on achieving an incredible Silo Agent 1:01. Ryan has dedicated a countless amount of hours into proving he can achieve the time, conquer the troll of a level, and establish himself as one of the best Agent players in history.To round out GoldenEye, I give a shoutout to Stefan Persson who got his very first world record with Archives Agent 0:16 way back on April 5.

In the world of Perfect Dark, we have one significantly active player who’s actually doing a fair bit of damage there. Cedric, a Japanese player, has nailed a few good records. We’ll start with Defense Agent 0:49, the 7th person to do so. He also got a very slick Chicago SA 0:26, the 5th person to do so. Cedric’s records are highlighted by an incredible 3:09 Attack Ship PA however. This record, a 2 second untied, continues to improve what used to be the longest standing untied of all time (by Greg Lewis for over six years). Cedric for now is the last hope for Perfect Dark to continue any activity and generate interest until Boss and Ace decide to play again.

There’s usually not much to update in the summer months, that’s what the headline suggests. Be on the lookout for summer contest headlines, and meet highlights. Have a great rest of May, folks!

Posted: May 13th, 2013
at 9:40pm by Jimbo

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The January Update – The Elite’s Ace in the Hole!

With the passing over of the new year, one must now look back at the last 366 (leap year!) days of 2012 to truly appreciate how far the Elite has come. With the new implementation of integrated into the habits of mostly every Eliter, we have created and showcased 27 individual channels with a multitude of interactive videos and highlights that will be saved and remembered forever. Along with some actual world records being set live on stream, one can now appreciate a few live player reactions along with countless chatter’s reactions when such a moment happens.

Since January 1, 2012, Goldeneye has seen a time cut of 18 seconds. This is insane for a 15-year old game of course, and its greatest contributor could very well be Rayan “Ace” Isran, but we’ll get to that later. Perfect Dark has seen a total time cut of 44 seconds, primarily because of Ilari Pekkala’s Investigation Agent findings (see: The JUNE Update!)

Lets start at the very top, and assuredly the Elite’s player of December 2012 by a wide margin. As noted in the previous update, Rayan Isran completely destroyed Jungle in now what is Goldeneye’s 2nd untied streak on one single level (Marc, Train). As a player ranked barely in the top 15, I can only marvel at Rayan’s amazing consistency at levels that troll the living hell out of all of us. A perfect example in this case is his tying of Silo Agent 1:01, a record previously held by only David Clemens and Marc Rutzou. Rayan’s level of play would rise however, and the Elite would find its collective self checking the board tops every day for new untied records – those being Control Secret Agent 4:05 (a TWO SECOND untied), Facility Agent 0:43 (primarily because of a strategy tweak), and Facility Secret Agent 0:52 (just insane overall). To cap off the year, Rayan added a Frigate Secret Agent 1:01 and Surface 2 Secret Agent 0:49 – both records having an average completion rate to a normal Eliter of about 1/5,000! :)

Fresh off his re-addition and welcome-back to the Goldeneye rankings, Henning Blom kept active and posted a sweet Caverns Secret Agent 1:19 – only the 4th player to tie this record. With his re-addition, his times are under constant monitoring and ultimately need to be approved by the rankings moderator Axel Zakrisson before any new time makes it onto the rankings. Henning currently sits in the 4th spot, just ahead of Bryan Bosshardt.

Speaking of Bryan, his notable accomplishment of the month was finally taking out Greg “Funky Buddha” Lewis’ longest standing untied record of all time – Attack Ship Perfect Agent 3:12! After weeks of slaving away at possibly the most trollish level in either game, Bryan posted a sweet 3:11 and ended an era of a 6 year untied record. In total, Greg held the record on Attack Ship PA since Summer 2005 – an INCREDIBLE run!

Greg Lewis was not about to lose his credibility in Perfect Dark however. Good old FB posted some slick new Deep Sea world records, including an Agent tie of 2:27 and a brand new untied of Special Agent 2:56! Greg was in danger of having 0 world records in Perfect Dark thanks to Bryan’s determination to take out 3:12, but Greg saved himself just in time.

Strangely enough, rounding out the bottom of the world record achievement list is Marc Rutzou and Luke Pettit. Marc’s typically strong months have cooled down just a bit in December, probably from a burnout of playing the game so much. Marc posted a Control 00 Agent 4:08 TIE of David Clemens, and a Control Secret Agent 4:07 before Rayan blew that record out of the water. One must also note that Luke Pettit finally nabbed himself a common world record – Archives Agent 0:16 :)

On the personal record front, a few players have been absolutely on fire lately. Eise Smit has gained a bazillion points over the last month has has climbed to 27th in the overall rankings. Luke Szklarz has kept up his run of PRs and has climbed all the way into the top 50 from out of nowhere. Yours truly, teh Jimbo, with my somewhat entertaining streams and endless hours of playing has finally cracked the top 15 again with the temporary passing of Wouter Jansen (who nailed Archives 0:55s to pass me back) and barely edging out Axel Anderson. Ryan Koch successfully held off the charge by Jimbo by posting a Control Secret Agent 4:16 – enough of a point and time gain to discourage me from playing as I take my routine beginning-of-the-year break for a few months. Finally, Guilherme Alberto secured his 12th spot on the rankings by posting a solid set of Control times, as well as Bunker 1 Secret Agent 0:23 and Surface 2 00 Agent 1:32.

Posted: January 4th, 2013
at 2:15am by Jimbo

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The November Update – Insane records, new podium player!

October has come and gone. For most of us, it was a time of foliage changing color and cooler temperatures, but boy did the world records stay hot! Not only did both games see some huge activity, but there was a significant change in the point rankings in Goldeneye, as well as some insane untieds by a potential high-profile player. Lets start with the most important stuff from October.

Henning Blom, Goldeneye’s highest-ranked Swede and top 5 overall player, has absolutely dominated the world record topic. Previously known for having sub-standard Depot times, he had suddenly risen to the top of the Depot leaderboards and is well on his way to an untied 300 point stage. Henning posted Depot Agent 0:25 back on October 7, then followed that up by tying David Monteith’s only untied record of Depot Secret Agent 0:40 on October 30; finally, he improved one of his worst times by posting an insane Depot 00 Agent 0:48, tying Bryan Bosshardt, and is well on his way to posting a 0:47 (he has 6 failed 0:48s as of this update). Along with this incredible Depot domination, Henning posted a smooth Streets 00 Agent 1:55. Overall, Henning launched himself over former champion Bryan Bosshardt to assume 3rd place and a spot on the podium for the first time in his career. Henning could easily challenge Rayan Isran‘s #2 spot and has already announced his intentions of getting there, could he perhaps one day challenge the seemingly untouchable David Clemens?

Speaking of the champ David Clemens, it’s worth noting that during a warm-up session in Minnesota just 2 short days ago as of this update, David failed a Frigate SA 1:00 by failing the engine bomb objective… the hostages completed! Henning was *that* close to losing his one and only precious yet insane untied world record to a guy who seems like he can turn it on at any moment. The featured video of David failing 1:00 is below with a live reaction recorded, it is absolutely priceless but heartbreaking to watch.

Next on the insanity list is a little-known player to most casual observers. Luke “Lucky P” Pettit has made himself known as the guy who has insane times, yet never had a world record. While rather interesting, it was a shame that he missed out on Runway Secret Agent 0:23 by a few hours or so after Bryan Bosshardt got 0:22. Luke absolutely smashed this reputation by posting an unexpected and insane Frigate 00 Agent 1:06! To add insult to injury to anyone who ever made fun of his lack of world records, he followed that up by posting a 1:05 on the very same difficulty! This is a bittersweet video to watch, because Luke took a safe strat at the end and waited for Objective A to complete at the boat, leaving it up for nearly a second and almost assuredly giving up 1:04 in the process. Regardless, Pettit did the rare feat of making champion David Clemens lose a record while establising himself as a real player and a threat to the top 10 (and possibly top 5!)

Never to be forgotten, PAL sensation and top 5 player Marc Rützou untied his own record by posting a smooth Train SA 1:23. This record was far out of reach already to NTSC players, but Marc made this record nearly out of reach for anyone by lowering his own record and proving he’s the greatest Train player of all time. Marc also finally got a Bunker 1 Agent 0:17, a record that was a glaring void in his times page up to this point. One must not look past his Aztec 00 Agent 1:41 as well, which was achieved on his way to possibly obliterating the current record of 1:40. This guy is clearly capable of setting any record he wants.

Lastly on the world record front, Perfect Dark saw it’s on share of the action. Bryan Bosshardt, never to be forgotten for his PD accomplishments (including being a former champion), blasted away a former Paragon record by posting a sweet Infiltration PA 1:40. The record likely isn’t quite as impressive as the former Paragon record of 1:52 only because a forgotten shield was left in the game in the Japanese version. Nevertheless, Bryan’s 1:40 gives him a 2 second advantage on his next competitor, Taka. Taka wasn’t completely forgotten this month; he posted a Rescue SA 2:17, tying a record set by David Clemens.

Moving onto the PR front, Jimmy Bauer takes the prize as the player of the month (in my humble opinion, anyway). Jimmy was always known as the guy who wasn’t always around, but when he posted, it was usually an insane PR or WR that took everyone by surprise. This time though, he posted a barrage of PRs that elevated him several ranks in overall time and boosted him solidly into the top 10 in points. Eddie Lovins now holds onto his top 10 spot by a mere 2 points over Dan Cervone! Bauer posted some great PRs like Jungle 00A 0:58, Frigate SA 1:03, Jungle A 0:52, as well as Aztec 00 Agent 1:48 – this being a 44 second cut and an 50 point gainer!

Ilari Pekkala posted a Silo Agent 1:04, Train Agent 1:04, Depot 00A 0:50, and even made the switch to PD for an Attack Ship PA 3:14 (during his chase for the bounty offered to take down the 6 year untied of 3:12). Ryan White has come back with a vengeance by posting some insane Statue times, as well as being the flagship streamer on the elite’s new pursuit of Goldeneye 100% world records (which is currently held by David Clemens). The streams feature Clemens, Ryan White, and Marc Rützou on a consistent basis. The viewer count at times has peaked at over 100!

Lastly, as a shout-out and thank you for hosting an epic meet in Minnesota, I must mention that Dan Edeen is slowly becoming good speedrunner. He spent countless hours for his precious Dam Agent 0:54 and Archives Agent 0:17, both taking a ridiculously long time, but it shows his persistence for these times as he strives to match his Minnesota brethren in skill at the games. This is a guy who buys and sells games on the side for some major extra cash, he’s also a guy who currently owns a Millennium 2000 controller, a Nintendo Power 100 controller, and a DK64 controller! Dan is projected to host a major midwest meet next spring at his new (big!) house, it would be the largest concentration of top-players in the history of the elite. (Hint, we could see 4 of Goldeneye’s top 5 players in one house!)

Posted: November 7th, 2012
at 12:30am by Jimbo

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