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Procrastination at its Finest, Summer Looms…

May 13th, 2013 at 9:40pm by Jimbo

So I’m aware we haven’t had a front page update that holds any relevant content in regards to the latest world records or other significant events (minus Silo DLTK of course), and I blame that on me being pretty busy/lazy and the fact that streaming activity has significantly dropped in the last few weeks! A few players continue to hang on, however, including Marc Rutzou with his Bunker 1 00 Agent 1:03 (a 2nd place tie), and myself – nothing terribly special out of me, but inching ever close to that soughtafter top 10!

With myself and that other fellow Marc out of the way, I want to highlight 2 other GoldenEye players who continue to show their impressive pure-strafing skill. Luke Szklarz, an Australian native, has skyrocketed into the top 12 in points lately with his influx of insane PRs – he currently sits in 7th in Agent points but 18th in 00 Agent points! The other player is the notoriously entertaining Ryan Lockwood, whom right now is currently trying his luck on achieving an incredible Silo Agent 1:01. Ryan has dedicated a countless amount of hours into proving he can achieve the time, conquer the troll of a level, and establish himself as one of the best Agent players in history.To round out GoldenEye, I give a shoutout to Stefan Persson who got his very first world record with Archives Agent 0:16 way back on April 5.

In the world of Perfect Dark, we have one significantly active player who’s actually doing a fair bit of damage there. Cedric, a Japanese player, has nailed a few good records. We’ll start with Defense Agent 0:49, the 7th person to do so. He also got a very slick Chicago SA 0:26, the 5th person to do so. Cedric’s records are highlighted by an incredible 3:09 Attack Ship PA however. This record, a 2 second untied, continues to improve what used to be the longest standing untied of all time (by Greg Lewis for over six years). Cedric for now is the last hope for Perfect Dark to continue any activity and generate interest until Boss and Ace decide to play again.

There’s usually not much to update in the summer months, that’s what the headline suggests. Be on the lookout for summer contest headlines, and meet highlights. Have a great rest of May, folks!

Posted: May 13th, 2013
at 9:40pm by Jimbo

Categories: GoldenEye,Perfect Dark,World Records

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