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Rage On, Angry Gamers

I received the first Game Rage submission in years the other day from a fellow named Martin Blair. And his rage might just raise the bar, haha:

“[...] 8 controllers (6 official sony n 2 wired(when i say broke i mean i threw them against walls, punched them, bit them, stamped them, elbowed them n when I had broken the bottom of 1 of the bits I then decided to pull one apart n rip the bits out of it (not the first time that would happen), 1 yamaha guitar(once my pride and joy, now i have a vintage guitar which i worry about sometimes), 2 phones(most recent being sony ericsson c902 which is smashed repetitively off of my drawers til the screen cracked, then I bent it with all my force n then pulled it apart…”

Not bad! You may recall that I use to advise self-harming to save controllers. After all, you were the one who fucked up, so kick your own ass. Martin abides by this tenet as well:

“The worst however is the self harming, nono not glass to my arm or anything like that but I’ve now taken to smashing the controller off of my head in a bid to calm the fuck down(pain stops me sometimes), I once done it so hard i had the two analog stick marks in my head. I also have started punching myself in the head and hitting myself with tv remotes.”

If only I didn’t relate to this…

Tell us about your rage against the game machines and if the submissions are good, I might just share some more. Send an email to derekclark at gmail or leave a comment!

Posted: December 6th, 2009
at 1:21pm by Derek

Categories: Uncategorized

Comments: 3 comments

  • The Gaff

    I used to hit myself when i lost to Vega (claw) in original SF2.

  • Lucky P

    I once smashed my keyboard when someone used “tenet” against me in literati.

  • Derek

    lol @ Lucky P


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