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The Single-Segment Buzzsaw; What Else is New?

November 22nd, 2013 at 12:59am by Jimbo

Well, I don’t always go 3 months between front page news updates, but when I do, it’s probably for a reason. Just one year ago, a new fad in the Elite was taking its foothold; many older veteran players and new players alike saw the newness and potential of streaming their sessions. Tons of players were active, many world records were gotten on a weekly basis sometimes, hundreds of old personal records were shattered in what was one of the most active times in community history. That was November 2012, this is November 2013. So what now?

The powerhouse players have redirected their concentration from individual levels and point-driven times to single-segment runs, which have become all the buzz in the speedrunning world. The Elite’s most popular streamer, rwhitegoose, consistently nets over 300 viewers for each session of single-segment runs that he performs. With AGDQ 2014 just around the corner in January, the players who are attending the event are practicing feverishly to hone their skills, perfect their muscle memory, and figure out ways to avoid the risks of embarrassment when 30,000+ people are watching them perform.

The Elite’s #1 player, Rayan “Ace” Isran, has made single-segment runs look like a walk in the park. Marc Rutzou, the 3rd place GoldenEye player from Denmark, was the first to really put a cap on the 100% world record with 1:02:32 back on September 11, 2012. This run was notorious for Marc’s mistake of thinking he was running Aztec Secret Agent at the time he was running 00 Agent, so he ran the final drone room and saved an insane amount of time on accident. Ace would take a few cracks at this record, eventually posting a 1:01:52 and cementing a record that didn’t use the controversial converter. Never satisfied with his own domination, Ace pushed this prestigious world record down to an insane 1:00:01 which was achieved live on stream! Ultimately, his goal is to get under 60 minutes to complete the entire game, and no one has a doubt in their mind that this will happen someday. See the previous news update for further evidence of this.

While there hasn’t been much activity at the top of the individual-level rankings to report in the last 3 months, the mid-ranks have taken this opportunity to steal the spotlight and showcase their skills. The new standard for Dam 00 Agent is now 2:00 with the recent influx of players getting this; the new standard for Dam Secret Agent is now 1:18; the new standard for Bunker 2 00 Agent has finally been pushed down to 1:00 for 90 points. Old-school player Eise Smit has turned in a nice showcase of personal records in the last few weeks, including Bunker 1 Secret Agent 0:22 (which breaks the author’s heart), Facility Agent 0:45, Bunker 1 Agent 0:17, and Bunker 2 00 Agent 0:58. Eise was the first player since spring 2008 to post a time of 0:22 or better on Bunker 1 SA. Philip Bezgoubov’s recent rise has been great to watch as well. The Elite’s new favorite young chap from Singapore has posted a recent string of times that show great potential – Runway 00 Agent 0:37 (back on July 31), Runway Agent 0:22, Caverns Agent 1:02, and Dam Secret Agent 1:18. Philip is currently working on grinding out Dam Secret Agent 1:17, and when that happens, this place is going to light up. Never to be forgotten, Australia’s Luke Szklarz continues to light up the scoreboard by posting insane personal records on a regular basis now, showing his skill and fluidity all while getting these times relatively quickly. His PR highlights recently have been Train Agent 1:03, Train SA 1:28, Silo SA 1:10, Frigate SA 1:02, and most recently Aztec SA 1:41. Luke right now is less than 50 points from Ilari Pekkala for 6th place in the point rankings.

On the Perfect Dark side of things, perennial top player Otto Oksman has been posting a recent string of high-point personal records that have secured his spot in the top 10 once again. His return to action began with Air Force One Agent 0:54, right around the time Goose started going for 0:54. One of his highlighted runs is Investigation Agent 1:18, which ties champion Ace and stands at 93 points! On the single-segment side of Perfect Dark, both Ace and Big Bossman have been hammering out all kinds of interesting strats to avoid deaths and the inevitable trolling that comes with these runs. Big Bossman will be running Perfect Dark at AGDQ; the work that has gone into the strats for this marathon has been mind-boggling, as it has been proven over and over again that deaths can happen instantly and something can go wrong in the blink of an eye.

Boss will be staying with Alex Anderson and Ryan White who are running co-op GoldenEye together at AGDQ. Get hyped! This should easily be the most publicity the Elite has ever gotten, and we’re all anxious to see what happens when our trio of top players hit the big stage. Our good friend from the Mario Kart 64 player’s page Mark Jones will also be running a 150cc shortcut run at this marathon.

Posted: November 22nd, 2013
at 12:59am by Jimbo

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