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January 2014 – GoldenEye Activity and POM

It's been quite a month for GoldenEye! 43 different players managed at least one PR, and we saw a lot of activity from many of GE's top players.

GE Activity

-Eise Smit led the charge, picking up 25 PRs in 14 different levels. This puts him at 12th place with 5207 points heading into February, less than 100 points from #10-ranked Shawn Johnson! He spent a lot of time on Control, ending up with 4:00 Agent, 4:13 SA, and 4:18 00A, which were enough to get him on the level's leaderboard with 270 points. He became one of the few eliters to successfully pull off the most risky version of the Aztec glass strategy (more on that later). -Karl Jobst, one of the all-time greats, had five amazing times this month. 0:52 Agent, 0:56 SA, 0:57 00A got him on the Jungle leaderboard, and he got world records on Cradle Secret Agent (0:35) and 00 Agent (0:36) to get 300 points there...better yet, he got those WRs in one day! He used a new strategy as well, throwing the grenade into the hut that Trevelyan first runs into. -Luke Szklarz took that new strategy and used it to get 0:37 on Cradle 00A, but stuck with the old strat for SA 0:36. Both excellent times, although Luke wasn't done there...he focused on Train this month, coming away with a superb trio: 1:01 Agent, 1:26 SA, and 1:53 00A. These times tie him with David Clemens for 3rd on the Train leaderboard, behind Rayan Isran and Marc Rützou. Luke pulled off a very impressive rise in the ranks in 2013, and continues to impress in the new year; we'll see whether he can push past Bryan Bosshardt to make the top 4. -Jim Barrett spent last year clawing his way back into the top 10, and rumor has it he has his sights set on passing Ilari Pekkala for the #7 spot. Anybody who knows Jim knows his tendency to complain about his unsurpassed streak of bad luck, but Baron Samedi finally threw him a bone, dying fast enough for Jim to get Egypt Agent 0:46. He had a Train trio of his own, clocking in at 1:07 Agent, 1:32 SA, and 1:57 00A. He also pulled off the crazy Aztec strategy, and since I promised I'd talk about that... -Axel Zakrisson only PRed once this month, but it's one of his best times: Aztec Agent 1:28. Getting under 1:30 requires very fast guard manipulation to open the glass door where you'd normally need Jaws' keycard. Eise Smit, Jim Barrett and Ilari Pekkala all used this strategy to get 1:29 this month, a crazy rush of times using a technique that had only been successfully utilized by four people before. -Ryan "Goose" White continues to dazzle many hundreds of viewers a night, after he and Alex Anderson thrilled the crowd at Awesome Games Done Quick 2014. Besides his own trio of Train times at AGDQ (1:06/1:32/2:00), Goose finally achieved a world record he'd been trying years for: Streets Agent 1:12! Ryan Lockwood recently got this time, receiving unprecedented amounts of hype for his reactions (and for skipping 1:13), but Goose's accomplishment shouldn't go unnoticed; Marc Rützou is the only other player with 1:12, a time which requires a combination of luck, very precise execution, and CLUTCHNESS. -Daniel "Wodahs" Coelho is back from hiatus, and moving up the ranks once again; currently sitting at 37th, Wodahs spent a week improving quite a few different times, but then focused on a few key levels. He came away with three world records: Archives Agent 0:16, Dam Agent 0:53, and Runway Agent 0:22. It's hard to predict how high Wodahs will manage to climb, but I don't see him slowing down any time soon. With all that in mind, it's time to bring back an award that's been dead for too long:

Player of the Month!

We've seen a lot of activity this month, but there's only one POM award, and in January 2014, it goes to:  

Henrik Norgren!

Most famous for his amazing, game-breaking knowledge of GoldenEye, Henrik is ranked 24th right now, and only had four world records prior to January (getting three of those four in the last week of December). He more than doubled that total last month with five new WRs: Runway Agent 0:22, Bunker 1 Agent 0:17, Surface 2 Agent 0:48, Depot Agent 0:25, and Cradle Agent 0:34. On Christmas Day last year, he was tied with many other players on the World Record Leaders page with just one WR; he's now T-9th with Jimmy Bauer, passing many GE greats along the way. POM Runner-Up: Eise Smit That's it for this month. Happy speedrunning!  

GoldenEye World Records in January

2nd: Runway Agent 0:22, Henrik Norgren 4th: Cradle Secret Agent 0:35, Karl Jobst 4th: Cradle 00 Agent 0:36, Karl Jobst 10th: Dam Agent 0:53, Adam Moore 11th: Archives Agent 0:16, Daniel Coelho 11th: Bunker 1 Agent 0:17, Henrik Norgren 14th: Cradle Agent 0:34, Henrik Norgren 18th: Surface 2 Agent 0:48, Henrik Norgren 19th: Dam Agent 0:53, Daniel Coelho 26th: Runway Agent 0:22, Daniel Coelho 26th: Cradle Agent 0:34, Gregor Degenhart 27th: Streets Agent 1:12, Ryan White 28th: Depot Agent 0:25, Henrik Norgren  

Posted: February 1st, 2014
at 6:21pm by Thiradell

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Lockwood Scores Streets Agent 1:12

While many people spent their holiday time with family, Ryan Lockwood was working hard to score big Goldeneye records on Twitch.  His Christmas Day accomplishment has excited the Goldeneye community. The 22-year-old from Key West, FL spent much of his time at the 2013 Virginia Meet trying for Silo Agent 1:01.  He finally became the 5th player to earn this time on December 22nd.  Just three days after nailing that record, he managed to hit an even bigger record.  Lockwood must have been on Santa's really, really nice list, as he hit Streets Agent 1:12.  He is the first player to tie the world record set by Marc Rützou in 2012.  Prior to this Christmas Day shocker, Rützou held seven untied world records, including a sweep on Train. By tying him, Lockwood showed everybody he can live up to his potential. It wasn't exactly one of the usual suspects of Rayan Isran, David Clemens or Bryan Bosshardt who first managed to tie the #3 ranked Rutzou.  Lockwood is currently ranked 48th in the world at Goldeneye.  This record shows once again that even the best world records can be achieved by players anywhere on the ranks.  Cliff Hampton isn't even in the top 50, yet he has the honor of holding an untied with Runway 00 Agent 0:35. In hitting 1:12, Ryan skipped over the former World Record mark of 1:13 from his previous PR of 1:14. His time has since been met with critical acclaim from numerous Eliters.  Sixth ranked Goldeneye veteran Ryan White (RWhiteGoose) commented, "Lockwood has cemented his place as a true legend."  Many of Ryan's fellow players were in awe after witnessing his remarkable achievement. Watch Lockwood's Streets Agent 1:12 here and Silo Agent 1:01 here. In other GE news, Jim Barrett scored 5 PRs to enter the top 10 for the first time since 2007.   Contributed by Corey Stolzenbach

Posted: December 27th, 2013
at 5:10pm by Thingy

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