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Perfect Dark Available Now – Xbox 360

17th March - XBLA

17th March - XBLA

Its out now so head on over to this topic for more information and to also leave your gamertag so that we can all have some fun online. You can also click the above picture and it will take you directly to Ngamer’s topic.

It also comes with 20 achievements worth a total of 200 points which can be obtained by doing several different things throughout the game offline and online. Click here to check those out and more interestingly enough they have added secret awards in the game or “crowns” as they call it and again they have you doing several different things in the game whether it be complete defection without auto aim etc. However, these have to be found out by yourself and there is no indication in the game to tell you exactly what you have to do apart from the crown name.

So make sure you get your 800 microsoft points at the ready so that you can join in the fun.

Posted: March 16th, 2010
at 8:49am by Fal

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